Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Who Has Taunted the Stranger for Real?

Diversity is Not Martha's Vineyard’s Strength | Ep 680
19.IX.2022 | Allie Beth Stuckey

24:14 Actually, the OT command doesn't say "welcome the foreigner" it says "do not make the foreigner sad" - a pretty big difference.

If you tell a foreigner "no, we can't take you, but perhaps Martha's Vineyard can" you are not making him sad.

But if you say "yeah, you can stay" and next day tell him "no, you can't have this job if you have a beard" and the day after "no, you can't decide how to raise your children" and the day after that "no, we need to lock you up for your own good" - you are definitely breaking it. There is no way that is not making him sad.

The Torah (OT) specifically says in Leviticus 19 that the "stranger" among us MUST be treated as the "native born." "You shall love him as you love yourself -- because you were once strangers in Egypt.. I AM THE LORD."

Not make them sad? ... Don't know why you'd corrupt G-D's word as you have, but you're a perfect addition to Stuckey's horde.

Put another way, if you cause them to FEEL UNWELCOME, how is that not making them sad?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@yabits [33] If a stranger dwell in your land, and abide among you, do not upbraid him: [34] But let him be among you as one of the same country: and you shall love him as yourselves: for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. I am the Lord your God.

What was the first phrase?

"If a stranger dwell in your land, and abide among you,"

Not "if a stranger has just recently crossed your border" - right?

My whole point is, btw, that there are other ways to feel someone unwelcome that are far worse than telling him to move on (after obviously giving him a decent meal, so he doesn't have to stagger on trembling from hunger).

@Hans-Georg Lundahl -- the Hebrew word that has been given as "upbraid" above is (לֹא תוֹנוּ) -- which means "torment" or "taunt."

"Hey, what are you doing here? When did you cross our border?"

For "I am the Lord YOUR G-D" -- the Hebrew for "Your" is plural (אלֹהֵיכֶם) -- meaning I AM both your G-d and the stranger's G-d too." Never forget that.

This world belongs entirely to HaShem.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@yabits There are other taunts and torments than "when did you cross our border."

At 35 years, in Copenhagen, I could not restart my studies in Copenhagen instead of Lund, when passing Osnabrück, I could not restart them there either. I had been homeless for a few months, and some guys deciding at universities thought of me as already pariah. After my 36th birthday, I found out the term had already started at the university of Santiago de Compostela, so absolutely there too.

That was "move on"

A few weeks ago, I was still 53. I have been in Paris for 13 years and a few months.

There is no "move on, you don't belong here" but there very clearly is a mafia who are taunting me for my beliefs, including obviously this one, that telling someone to move on is the worst taunt or torment you can do to him.

I am a writer, I am not homeless because I am unproductive, but because of a Leftist mafia who wants my writing not to count, because they want to "forgive me" when later on I change my mind, which is not happening.

That mafia has really saddened the stranger!

@yabits Or what about the Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Freemasons, Commies, Tolerant Anglicans, Clumsy Russian Orthodox who think I have to leave Catholicism behind before I can be a writer?

Note, I said "writer" - not scribe as defined by the Old Law.

Plus obviously a few "Catholics" who oblige them by inventing reasons to not treat me as a Catholic writer.

39:45 No, our illegal immigration crisis would be over the day after tomorrow.

You said 48 hours, not 24!

41:27 Do you really want to enforce all of the present immigration policy? Like the jab?

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