Tuesday, September 13, 2022


'Truly unhinged hate' aimed at Queen Elizabeth II after monarch's death
9th Sept. 2022 | Sky News Australia

6:26 Back when Ireland was under the same Crown as England and Scotland, Britain fortunately also had some Catholic Christianity to spread.

The one genocide England could be accused of apart from the Boer War is the one known as "Irish Potato Famine" - the tenants grew potatoes for themselves and wheat for their landlords who made money with it.

Wheat made just fine on Ireland in 1845 to 1849. But the landlords refused to share the wheat with those having grown it even to save their lives.

Russia did something similar to Ukraine and nearby parts of Russia (Kuban) in the years 1932 to 1933 - it is known as the Holodomor.

The difference however is, while Russia is even now trying to invade Ukraine because they think Ukraineans are at heart so fond of them, United Kingdom is currently NOT trying to invade the heirs of "an Gorta Mór" of "the Great Hunger" or "the Great Famine" ... UK, currently, has more sense than that.

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