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Commenting on Stats (Some are Surprising)

Maps and Graphs About Religion in America (That You Need to See)
11 Sept. 2022 | Genetically Modified Skeptic

0:30 The share of Atheists is not all that surprising given the intolerance shown to the Fundamentalist Mormons (Waco, I think).

In Texas, obviously.

2:24 Well, surprise, surprise. Not all abortion opponents are Christians and of those who are not all are typically Republican on different social values.

Many might be voting Republican because abortion is more important to get rid of - but for some issues, one or two notches below the unborn babies, that's not where our heart lies.

For my part, I am a fan of Chesterton who in 1930's visited the US, and he would probably back then have been a Democrat - Rome, Rum and Rebellion. But back then, Democrats were usually (barring fertility of certain "parias") pro-life. So, if I were in the US, as a citizen or able to vote locally, I'd have tried to get as many pro-life Democrats as possible. Respectively socially aware Republicans. My fan in the primaries of 2016 would have been Marco Rubio. But Trump actually did a good thing with three nominations to Supreme Court ... and Biden is bidding to overtrump him in his less good things, like wall building.

If Bernie had answered my mail and said "I am against abortions and for educational freedoms" I would have favoured him over Trump. He didn't. But if he had, I think he could have taken votes from Trump in the Bible Belt.

3:10 I am a Swede. As you may have nted by now, I have more values in common with the Bible belt than with Malmö (which was very secular up to recently becoming very Muslim).

I suppose you can guess why I left.

3:51 Niestetny, nie jestem Polakiem. Jestem Szwedem.

But I was probably made in Poland. I got oxogen from Warszaw c. 9 months before I was born (the alternatives are some nights before Poland, not after).

And as born in Vienna, I am also very thankful to John III Sobieski for saving Vienna from the Turks.

And my first Catholic parish was a Polish one - not purely, but the Swedish mass was visited by lots of Poles who either didn't want to go to the Polish one or who had Swedish friends. The parish priest (we say Curate and not Vicar in the Catholic Church) as well as the Chaplain who instructed and received me were Poles (I think Fr. Basista is dead, I know Fr. Imach is) - so I might be a person to ask.

Let's go to Germany and Austria in 1933.

Both countries get dictators in that year, but Dollfuss is a very different type from Hitler. Progressives in Austria try to overturn his régime (rebellions as well as the assassination by a Nazi that led to Schuschnigg becoming the heir of Dollfuss). The further South and West, the more Catholics. The further North and East (except Ermland in what's now Poland!) the more Protestants. Protestantism is highly progressive, definitely not anything like Bible Belt. Catholicism was far closer to Bible Belt than it is now.

Poland is a bit like Austria and Bavaria, but even more Catholic. Up to 1917, since basically the end of the 18th C. Poland had been parted into three, by Prussia, Russia and Austria. Austria had some of its most Catholic areas in Austrian partition of Poland. Russian partition of Poland was not very interested in secularism, beyond the idea of nationalism getting a hearing despite clergy (yes Catholic) supporting obedience to the Czar. So, Poland is even more Catholic. Then Poland is beaten down twice, in 1939 by Germans and Russians (and Katyn was the Soviets' massacre), and 1945 and subsequent years by Communists. Both occasions, the resistance is a Catholic and a silent one. You can be ruled by a Neopagan (probably) like Albert Forster or an Atheist like Bolesław Bierut, but you don't approve of their positions enough to share them, you resist by remaining (as best as you think you can) a Catholic. Alas, at some point this failed and people like Wojtyla thought they could be Catholics and Evolutionists (though the Catholic Maciej Giertych - League of Polish Families opposes Evolutionism, as per his expertise in tree genetics). But the idea is still very vital. And this means 44 % weekly mass attendance is fairly low for what I had expected of Poland.

6:05 What made that change (obviously 1970's were after Chesterton)? Roe v. Wade, for instance?

8:30 sth, as you mentioned abuse scandals.

You may know that France and US are countries where the Catholic Church has been plagued by this. This is NOT the case in Poland or Croatia (also the two lowest abortion rates in Europe).

You speak to a Pole about clergy abusing boys - "that's not here" - and it isn't.

Katherine G
It isn't, or it hasn't been revealed yet?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Katherine G I think there is 1 single priest or 1 % of the inmates (I actually think the former) who is in gaol for pederastic activity.

Why would you presume there are more of them?

9:52 Let's put it like this : deep red is religious relative majority being an absolute majority.

11:31 "that the label Atheist is just as much of a political category"

So much for "Atheists have no belief system" or "its the negative answer to one single question" ...

12:12 That one percent are arguably people surrounded by Christians who label them as Atheists and then they accept the label.

Tell me if you can find out whether this is in the Bible Belt?

12:29 4 % Agnostics = arguably about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, perhaps even Jediism of a sort .... and between these and Deism.

16:00 Recall what I said about Protestantism and Catholicism in the German areas?

Well, the German Protestants are called Evangelisch, but that means a "United Church of Germany" namely uniting Lutheran and Calvinist Traditions, and they are, like what you just labelled Mainline Protestantism, progressives (recently so called Catholics like Cardinal Marx are following suite).

[last] I will very definitely share your video + my comments = on my blog

In Paris XIII, there are Jews, Freemasons and Atheists convinced clergy in general, and Catholics convinced Evangelical YEC clergy are in it for money.

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