Wednesday, July 12, 2023

A Mother who could have related to mine, had they met

You don’t have to be boring to be a good mom | Episode 164 - Make Memories
Jen Fulwiler, 12 July 2023

0:42 Elks' horns are not good to make drinking horns from.

Try a longhorn cattle that's been butchered instead.

Btw, the things you have said so far read a bit like an homage to my late mother. Feel free to chose between RIP or OPN, it's Birgitta Margareta.

9:19 If you want to start an uprising in Monaco, try spreading my blog Creation vs Evolution there.

The grand or great grand of the present prince funded a palaeoanthropic museum in Paris, and they are heads and heels into Terra Amata people living 100 000 years ago or so. I e contrary to Biblical chronology.

21:45 What? "Ten thousand years or more"?

You are not the right person to get involved in an uprising of Monegasques going Young Earth Creationist!

24:11 I am a blogger, and I don't think I ever said such criticisms to you?

43:03 Lucy? Saint of Sicily, Saint of Narni or fictional saint of Narnia?

1:02:14 My mother very much made sure this was not going to happen.

Summer vacations 9 - 12 often spent hitchhiking and couchsurfing (before there were sites for that), home life 9 y 6 m - 11 y 6 m spent doing old style survival skills.

You have to find out what you are good at in situations like that.

1:12:30 Up to a point.

Acting as a substitute for a Roman Rota to a ma who kind of reminded of a woman at Sychar is not my cup of tea.

Now she doesn't need one.

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