Sunday, July 2, 2023

Grace of State

The Pope has no Clothes
The Kennedy Report, 28 June 2023

0:09 One problem right from scratch.

Present tense. Pope Michael died last August.
He has so far no successor, I have heard of.

Right now there is no Pope.

Did you mean "Pope Francis"? If you recognise he's like the Emperor whose new clothes were no clothes in H C A's story, how about not calling him Pope?

0:12 Ah, you mislabelled Antipope Bergoglio, as I thought ....

6:24 Best wishes for all eight of you, and hope there are more to come!

7:56 "The Pope possesses grace of state"

My prime reason to no longer believe Vatican II-ers or even those in "incomplete communion with Pope Francis" are right is, the clergy doesn't seem to possess the grace of state, when it comes to guiding me in confession or other pastoral.

1) One father confessor, a Pole, 1988 - 1989, after him I have neither started to get married, nor approached a monastery or seminar
2) Another one, a Swede and convert, 1990 - 1991 (89 - 90 I did military service), after him I have neither started to get married, nor approached a monastery or seminar
3) An SSPX priest telling me in confession 1993, after conveying conditional baptism, I can't get to seminar right away, I need to get things in order first - first time round I was a porn addict came after obeying him on that one
4) Same SSPX priest telling me in a letter 1997 to leave Sweden would be to tempt God, I obeyed him over inner promptings I had reasons to think came from God, and in 1998 I landed in prison
5) The SSPX priest I regularly confessed to in 2009 - 2011 (or 12) ... still no solution, his prejudices about homeless people came in the way of his giving me a solution that could stabilise my good intentions.

My worst case against Pope Michael having actually been the Pope is, he didn't seem to have all that much grace of state either, but at least we were at a distance, I could only explain things to him via mail exchanges, I never actually made a confession to him, after he received holy orders on the Saturday before Gaudete Sunday in Civil Year 2011 and Church Year 2012.

8:13 Jesuits.

When I decided to actually convert in 1985, I went to Jesuits. They were the closest by Catholic clergy.

I told them I needed to convert, but also I needed to confess, because I had committed a mortal sin.

"Confession is a sacrament, it's not for mental illness"

Next year I went to another Jesuit, not mentioning confession again, and this meant, from 1985 to 1988, there was one mortal sin on my 16 - 19 year old mind for which I had to seek peace with God by other means than confession (or baptism, since I already was baptised, it turns out my reason to doubt the water had touched my head actually wasn't one, the conditional baptism wasn't needed) ... trying to make an act of actual contrition, and trying to love God above all else in order to do so pushed a red herring into my thinking of vocation, finally resolved the day I earned (or didn't earn) my prison sentence.

If these guys all of them have and had the grace of state, what does that say about me?

They were clearly not acting with my best interests, as normally thought of, when counselling me. None of them.

[added next day:] By the way, is there some kind of collusion in FSSPX circles to shun me bc I am an "incel"?

Oh, obviously outside matters of penance (purple) and martyrdom (scarlet) of course ... because, that kind of prejudice about "incels" as a stereotype may extremely well be one way in which actual involuntary celibates are actually produced, and this is obviously a fulfilment of (if I recall correctly) 1 Tim 4:3.

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