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Examples chosen refer to Apocalypse 13:18. I am aware Jews use gematria for lots of other purposes, but this one is one where Christians are directly encouraged by the Bible to use it. I am also aware that many Jews and Judaising Christians think only Hebrew gematria counts. This is not the teaching of the Church or of the Church Fathers.

What is Gematria? How does it work in Hebrew? What are some examples of it?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Catholic convert, reading many Catechisms
IX Lord's Day after Pentecost
Gematria is the calculation of the number value of a name.

In Hebrew, this works by the number values of the Hebrew letters.
In Greek, it works by the number values of the Greek letters.

And one can do a gematria in ASCII when it comes to Latin letters.

Example in Hebrew : NMRD BN KSh (Nimrod Ben Kush)

Nun - 50
Mem - 40
Resh - 200
Daleth - 4 (294)

Beth - 2
Nun - 50 (52) (346)

Kaph - 20
Shin - 300 (320) (666)

There are more intricate examples of gematria, but this is the basic method, one that is applicable to Greek as well, and to ASCII as well, though here the number values are not a question of using letters for numerals, but that each letter has a number value (different for lower case and upper case) in binary digits which can obviously be expressed in any other digits.

Example in ASCII


J 74
R 82 (156)
B 66 (222)
I 73 (295)
D 68 (363)
E 69 (432)
N 78 (510)
J 74 (584)
R 82 (666)

Putin and Bergoglio are equally suspect according to this gematria. According to Swedish ethnonyms for Englishman and Scotsman, so is any male ruler of the UK (ENGELSMAN, skotte).

For a Greek example:

Φιλολoγικά / Philologica : Gematria of Apollyon / Apollon

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