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Bergoglio, Kirill, Putin - Yury Dmitriev, Sandarmokh

Francis plans to meet Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill
Dr Taylor Marshall, 26.VII.2023

5:31 The West is perhaps a mess, but right now Russia is still an even bigger mess.

In statistics over abortions, as counted per live births, Russia was fifth highest in Europe in 2018.

5:38 At least Russia is post-Communist?

No. Admitting Katyn was a hard blow, and then a historian very realistically made a similar admission about a site of mass grave massacre in East Karelia, but when it became fashionable, pretty Stalin like, to dismiss that and he refused to go along, he was suddenly raided and child porn was suddenly found on his computer. He's serving prison, aeguably innocent of the crime he was framed for and all for not blaming the Red Army, but instead the Finns.

Looked it up on my blog, the place is called Sandarmokh.

And the historian is this man:

On 13 December 2016 Dmitriev was arrested and charged with making pornographic images of his foster daughter, Natasha, who was 11 at the time.[3][4] From the outset Dmitriev's colleagues declared the charges to be baseless and motivated by a determination to discredit the historian and his work. The closed trial attracted national and international attention and criticism.[5] On 26 December 2017, a second assessment by a court-appointed body of the photographs of his foster daughter concluded that they contained no element of pornography and had been taken, as the accused insisted, to monitor the health of a sickly child.[6]

On 5 April 2018, Dmitriev was acquitted of all but one minor offence. Within two months he was arrested and soon put on trial again. Given a short sentence at the end of his second trial in July 2020, the verdict was overruled by the High Court of Karelia and the charges returned for an unprecedented third judicial examination. Dmitriev and his lawyer Victor Anufriev battled through the courts in Petrozavodsk, St Petersburg and Moscow to have their appeal against the verdict and sentence heard. In October 2021 the case finally reached the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. But on December 27 his sentence was increased to 15 years.

5:38 At least Russia is post-Communist? Bis.

During the early parts of a thing Trey Smith called Pan's Demic, each Russian Oblast or higher ranking district decided on shut downs.

The thing is, unlike France, small business going close to broke was not saved.

Russia still prefers big business, like back in the communist days. And sometimes when Putin visits big business, he speaks as if he owned it. Perhaps he does. The system is not all that different from under Communism.

Saying Russia is post-Communist is a bit like saying China is so. And I don't mean Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao, I mean Red China.

7:29 No, the Russian Orthodox think they were a martyr Church, and therefore they are pure, but actually, they have adopted Communist viewpoint after Communist viewpoint and are spreading this to the West, to the World.

Russia will spread her errors to the world is, if I recall correctly, part of the Fatima message and it is still ongoing:
  • pretending geocentrism is incapacity to see through metaphors
  • pretending Young Earth Creationism is incapacity to identify the so called genre of "myth"
  • pretending young people can't marry, are too immature, like the Soviet raised the marital age to 18 - 1 Tim 4:3
  • pretending homosexual people are biologically or psychologically hardwired, so the only penance they can do is abstinence, and perhaps that they are genetically hardwired so it would be bad for offspring to let them marry (meaning real marriages) - 1 Tim 4:3
  • pretending religious viewpoints more radical than their own (like, saying geocentrism is true, YEC is true, people under 18 can marry, homosexuals can repent by real marriages, without previous therapy) are not heretics, not mistaken, but mentally ill, (possibly possessed.)

7:37 Eastern Catholic Churches - excellent point, but in Putin's Russia, Ruthenian Byzantine Catholics are illegal. They are not a registered religion.

Russia has again taken up or never left the system in which a religion in order to legally exist has to go through hoops and hoops of paperwork and also be granted or not granted existance, and in which belonging to and promoting a religion which legally does not exist means the crime or religious extremism.

13:32 It's perhaps providential you repeated "would be incredible" up to the 13:32 mark.

Divide 1332 by 2 and ask yourself if Bergoglio and Putin have any gematria like that.

And yes, other Russian error foisted by Communism, the refusal to look up gematrias according to Apoc 13:17 ...

14:24 I would rather suspect that latter thing, yes.

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