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Michael Lofton had some Good Things to Say on Ryan Foley, but some Nonsense Too

Protestant Evangelist Ryan Foley DESTROYS Himself on Social Media
Reason & Theology | 13.VII.2023

1:38 Has he tried storming a Masonic lodge and finding a Bible?*

W a i t ... Masonic lodges are a bit less easy to storm, of course. That might be daunting even to Ryan Foley.

2:51 If and when he gets arrested, can one hope - charitably - this happens when he enters an abortion clinic to save a baby from a mother's black despair and the guys willing to exploit it?

4:22 I'm reminded of a Swedish pastor who on a blog post about his visit to the Vatican claimed "Jesus was probably hidden there somewhere, between all the statues of Mary with the child" ....

I wonder if he even thought about what child Mary was carrying into the Temple for circumcision or for purification ... or if he ever read Apocalypse 12.

5:00 The inaccuracy matches that of John Todd claiming to have on behalf of Illuminati personally made payments in cash to C. S. Lewis.

John Todd was born 1949. C. S. Lewis died 1963. So, by 14, he was an Illuminoid who was entrusted to hand over money to the important secret agents of that organisation?

S o u n d s somewhat s u s.

8:17 Given his age, I don't think he has a house-church.

He has some kind of ambition to become a pastor, probably, or apologist ... his much nicer sister (or relative?) Avery Foley is doing a great show on Answers in Genesis, as lay apologist for YEC and Pro-Life stuff, but I think he goes to someone else's either Church or House-Church.

There would be a very big difference.

Ryan walked into a Church which was open to visitors, both Catholics and tourists, where this openness was only conditioned on rules like showing respect and being quiet when services or prayers were going on. He didn't trespass. When he broke the rules and was shown out, he went out.

10:33 I think I sense a kind of Protestant misinterpretation of James 5:16.

12:50 There is a difference between sins and heresies.

Read up on it in Chesterton. Even a sinning right-believer has advantages over a wrong-believer.

On that issue, Ryan has a Catholic view, even if he's wrong on who's a right-believer and who's a wrong-believer.

13:26 So, in 2020 he was in high school.

Does not sound like he's actually heading any kind of Church, house or other.

13:50 When:
a) you don't have the sacrament of confession
b) you think the introduction of auricular confession to one person as opposed to a whole congregation [was the wrong move]**
c) you still think James 5:16 is Scripture ... Word of God
THEN you are likely to improvise obedience to James 5:16 the wrong way.

14:10 Is apologetics "ministry"?

In his case, he's clearly also preaching, which I am not, i e exhorting morally to repentance, to conversion, which I am not, but much of what he does is apologetics, directed the wrong way, sure, but even so, apologetics need not be a "ministry" ... Catholic Answers, as apologists, do not have any Church offices, do not work for the Church, unlike a priest or a man tending graveyards on hallowed ground, i e are not in what Catholics would normally considere the equivalent of a "ministry" - a word which by the way is not Catholic. See Catholic Encyclopedia:

Mind - Explores the term in relation to consciousness, matter, and mechanism
Minister - Even before the Reformation the word minister was occasionally used in English to describe those of the clergy actually taking part in a function, or the celebrant as distinguished from the assistants, but it was not then used sine addito to designate an ecclesiastic. This employment of the term dates from Calvin
Minor Orders - The lower degrees of the hierarchy are designated by the name of minor orders, in opposition to the 'major' or 'sacred' orders


I was just received into the Church at Easter Vigil 2023 after 26 years of being Protestant. The Sacrament of confession has truly become my favorite thing. Before, I had such a hard time letting go and accepting that I have a sinful nature. I lived in constant shame and hatred of myself. The first time a priest, acting in persona Christi, told me “I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” it changed my life. I can’t imagine life without the Sacraments.

I used to think “Why would I want to confess to a man when I can confess to God?” And now I understand that God gave us the gift of Reconciliation to cultivate humility, combat shame and self-hatred, and to get the spiritual guidance we need and I love Him all the more for it.

Confession is such a huge gift from God.

Jordan Peterson, who is one of the most cited clinical psychologists of all time, even though he is not Catholic, he himself has praised the Sacrament of Confession. He talked about something along the lines of how you just admitting your sin is good enough in the eyes of God, and just like that because the slate is clean, you get to move forward, and even though you will most likely go out and act foolish again, you get to come back and try again. That accountability of knowing you have to confess your sins to a priest is a massive motivation to adjust your behavior. It is a blow to your pride and God knows this, and that is in part why he commands it, because he demands humility. On top of that we are visual creatures. Simply praying to God in our room is something we can do, but it will never give us the assurance of forgiveness like the visible sign of confession provides. Once you leave confession there is no doubt, you know your sins are behind you and you are once more in friendship with God.

@IzakD8 The devil also knows that confession is a blow to pride, and that's why it is so often attacked.

"and to get the spiritual guidance we need and I love Him all the more for it."

Good for you.

I was received in 1988. I had committed a serious sin in 1985 and asked a priest if I could confess. That he didn't allow me the sacrament of confession before I was received and when I was not yet catechised is one thing. But I also was not offered any chance of simply having a talk with him about how I should reconcile with God while waiting for Conversion to get on.

@julieelizabeth4856 "that's why it is so often attacked."

If I haven't confessed in quite a few years, it's not about being against the sacrament.

I dread being abused about me and the priest interpreting the absolution differently about my future walk ... there was a priest who told me "you need to make a good resolution, I am not saying which one" ... I find it somewhat hard to confess with confidence to priests who seem to gamble my absolution and therefore my salvation.

* He stormed a witchcraft shop and found a statue of the Blessed Virgin ... ** I was tired and didn't complete the sentence, sorry!

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