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No, no one should be taking a birth control pill at all

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Should You Really Be Taking Birth Control?
Candace Owens Podcast, 7 July 2023

11:24 It may be mentioned, in the 1200's and up to 1917, a girl of 12 was considered adult enough to marry. AND. A mother aborting was most of Europe (not some quirky part of Hussite Bohemia in the 1400's) punished by death penalty.

12:12 They look ethnically Indian - could they be Hindu heritage?

Was the baby female?

You recall how the affair which turned poor old Ireland around to vote for an "amendment" legalising abortion were Hindus?

Now, there is narcissism and there is narcissism - and then there are cultural narcissisms. To some traditions, parents literally have power of life and death over their children.

Like IV commandment (you might be referring to it as V) gets a place basically above I.

12:41 How much of the apparently liberal culture of pro-abortion is secretly very "parents can decide everything about their children" ... including, obviously, a service to Moloch.

13:28 I am not advicing anyone to have sex before marriage or in non-fertile intentions.

I am however very much advicing for society to get back to the older or younger age limits. Older, as from older times, prior to progressive era, younger as in, people could marry younger.

You know:
  • marry
  • make babies
  • raise their babies (and make more of them).

There are some obstacles to this:
  • too high legal minima for marriage
  • de facto (legal or societal) school compulsion
  • bans on child labour place those age limits too high.

The last of these items are probably where I go least well with syndicalism ... such things have often enough been promoted by precisely trade unions.

13:32 [you're telling them] "when they get pregnant, the responsible thing is having an abortion"

That one, as well as contraception, is heavily taught in Sweden.

I tend to analyse certain uses of the word "responsible" (and of its antonym "irresponsible") as pertaining to an evil ideology. I call it, for lack of any better name I know of, "responsabilism" ... the idea that, the thing to do is not to do the right and avoid the wrong acts, but "take responsibility for your actions" ... I hate it both when it means the freedom to do ill, and the taking away of freedoms from those trying to do the right things but in ways deemed "irresponsible" ...

I bet Hiram of Tyre was more "responsible" in this sense than King David.

14:04 You have had sex ed by PP since the 70's? No longer?

Sweden has had them since 1955.

There is no problem figuring out why the US has fewer abortions proportionally and more fertility than Sweden, and consequently, pension systems were ruined in Sweden 20 years earlier than in France, and the US has still something like 9 more years to go.

14:14 You made a point that the majority of High School students were graduating with virginity intact, up to 70's.

Let's examine this further.

school year 1969-70 2,889,000 graduates
1,430,000 male
1,459,000 female

My source is
Table 100. High school graduates, by sex and control of school: Selected years, 1869-70 through 2007-08
IES > NCES > Digest of Education Statistics.

Was this the whole population of the age of 12th graders? No. "The averaged freshman graduation rate provides an estimate of the percentage of students who receive a regular diploma within 4 years of entering ninth grade."

So, what was it in that school year? 78.7 %. LOTS didn't complete high school. That would include some who never entered 9th grade in the first place, and therefore don't count in this percentage.

And not too few of them were having sex, because they were married.

So, what PP was doing was most certainly not "sexualising children" but rather telling students (much like Cohn-Bendit in 1968) they could have sex already and still study.

It can be mentioned, some people have an interest in calling 9-11th grade age students or non-students "children" ...
  • teachers don't like to get cuts in their work forces (especially not junior ones who would be the first to get sacked)
  • groomers feed on the frustration of people, probably mainly girls, who have adult bodies and are socially qualified as "children"
  • sometimes these categories coincide
  • psychologists who give therapy for trauma and for neuroses also feed on this frustration
  • also sometimes coincides with groomers.

"Students are often 17–18 years old," [definition of 12th graders]

So, shall we take those 17 year old in 1969 with those 18 years old in 1970? Or those who were 17 in 1969?

12 to 17 = 20.1 millions. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 = five different ages.

20.1 / 5 would be roughly FOUR million. Those graduating 12th grade in spring of 1970 (or school year 69-70) were less than THREE million.

So, half a million boys and half a million girls, very roughly, were not at all concerned with the statistic "the majority of High School students were graduating with virginity intact, up to 70's."

14:21 "13 years old"

You call that children? Read Juliet's dialogue with her mother!

14:57 No, as said, no one then would have normally referred to them as children.

They were promoting the combination of sex and studies. Previously, what was going on was not these persons being simply children and therefore not having sex, but chosing between an early start of normal adulthood (including perhaps sex) and on the other hand what was called an education.

This was obviously a big sell for teachers.

15:11 Much as I dislike the idea of identifying as non-binary or lgbtq, per se it does not stop one from actually getting married.

However, seeing marriage as a non-option for socially hyped "age reasons" of supposed immaturity, can push lots into these categories, as at least one way of living them out are diverse perversions (including the solitary one).

Like with pregnant 14 year olds, some of you would be saying "well, we can't help them by getting them married" and my answer would be, "yes, we certainly can, if we want to."

15:22 As you mentioned arithmetic, has it occurred to you that "high school" is past the age when basic arithmetic is what is being taught?

If Reading, Writing, Arithmetic is your educational goal, with no cultural tinge, why bother about High School at all?

That's Elementary School, perhaps Middle School for some of the slower ones. Even so, for Sweden there is a famous precisely Middle School Radio and TV Quiz. In 5th grade, you are supposed to answer about history, society, natural phenomena, Astrid Lindgren, JRRT ... not just getting the three R's right.

I perfectly get it, some people actually should have RRR and when they have mastered that, some training in their future profession or role as a mother. Not go to High School. But in that case, and a few other ones, they also shouldn't be taught of as "too young to have sex" just because they are the age of freshman (or let alone even older).

16:09 Actually, even waiting with the first child past 30 is lowering fertility.

You lose more good ova nine months non-pregnant than nine months pregnant (9 > 0).

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26:28 Actually, she's 36.
She's also divorced and remarried, i e an adulteress.

pregnant at 13: my story *updated + details i've never told before*
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