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La Garma Cave

16,800 Year Old Palaeolithic Hut Discovered | La Garma Cave
History with Kayleigh | 17.XII.2023

14,800 BC would be between these two points:

2778 B. Chr.
0.224559* pmC/100, so dated as 15 128 B. Chr.
2756 B. Chr.
0.250709 pmC/100, so dated as 14 206 B. Chr.

0:57 "300 000 years ago" is obviously not a carbon date, but a ... U-Pb? Th-Pb? K-Ar? or sth date.

When is the oldest carbon date from?

My previous comment obviously depends on 16,800 BP being a carbon date and not for instance TL or sth ...

History with Kayleigh
The evidence of habitation in the cave spans from 300,000 to 16,800 years ago, I'm not an academic myself that researched this site. So I can only give you the information that's made public. In February we will learn more after the official announcement

Hans-Georg Lundahl
OK, thanks, @HistorywithKayleigh!

To the younger side:

El Truchiro Cave lies at 39 m (128 ft) above sea level and contains Mesolithic and Chacolithic layers.[1] A late Mesolithic burial dating to around 5560–5310 BC was discovered,[9] with an individual buried in an oak bark coffin.[1]

5560 BC would be between these:

2243 B. Chr.
0.657496 pmC/100, so dated as 5693 B. Chr.
2220 B. Chr.
0.680023 pmC/100, so dated as 5420 B. Chr.

So, a bit more than 500 years from the date you are talking of, the La Garma entrance proper.

4:31 300 000 years be blown. In Spain, you obviously had both Neanderthals and Denisovans in the pre-Flood era.

By Denisovans, I refer to Antecessor, which Svante Pääbo tested to genetically very close to the Denisovan genome from Denisova cave, but obviously Atapuerca is not carbon dated and the other methods give very much older aberrant dates, which seems to me to be the only reason why Antecessor, Heidelbergian and Denisovan are still distinguished from each other.

So, if we don't know "which human species" this means that the 300 000 year date is not a carbon date from actual human bones ...?

Dan Edwards
"in the pre-Flood era." - what "flood"??

Hans-Georg Lundahl
That of Noah, @TheOriginalDanEdwards.

6:51 Speaking of huts and tents ... in the case that people actually were living in caves, or thought to have been so, is it standard like La Garma Lower Gallery and Terra Amata to have some kind of hut (La Garma) or tent (Terra Amata) inside the cave?

Seems like a smart and comfy thing to do, otherwise it could probably get too cold and damp ...

Zalig Kerstmis alvast!
(hoping "alvast" is the correct for "in advance" as I used google translate).

* This means, if you multiply by 100 on both sides, you have translated it to 22.4559 pmC etc for other values, I was better off with decimal fractions than percentage fractions when calculating manually.

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