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Two Videos on Fiducia Supplicans. Neither is, Thank God, Pro-Sodomy

New blog on the kid: Why I am not using the tip of Babylon Bee · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: Two Videos on Fiducia Supplicans. Neither is, Thank God, Pro-Sodomy · AiG commented on Fiducia Supplicans

From the latter of them:

Blessing Gay Couples? What Does it Mean? | Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P.
Pints With Aquinas | 23.XII.2023

6:12 Do you admit or do you not admit, that one of the sacraments open to people with SSA is marriage?

I e, a man of that inclination can and has to decide if his reluctance to be intimate with someone of the opposite sex is greater than his desire for sexual satisfaction, or whether his desire for sexual satisfaction is stronger than his reluctance for intimacy with the other sex?

Because, if you do not admit that, how is your theology not a doctrine of demons reading in tea leaves that certain persons just can't marry, not bc of physical impairment, but because of a quirk in their desires?

12:30 Sounds like a perfect cue for Bishop Chaput (if truly bishop, Novus Ordo orders are not universally recognised by Sedes and the late Pope Michael I did not explicitly recognise them), to bless some two male persons involved in a gay couple to look for a lesbian couple for a permanent partner exchange ...

They would cease to be to each other distractions from marriage, and become a peculiar form but still kind of wingmen leading each other to marriage. If they are open to that solution, that is.

22:33 "The call to chastity is not a rejection" ... always supposing the persons have a choice in which chastity to pursue.

Svante Pääbo, a countryman of mine, thought he was exclusively homosexual. His wife that she was exclusively lesbian.

Their son would not have existed if both had been:
a) Catholics and
b) up against a clergy affirming there is precisely one type of chastity that's open to "their kind" ...

23:14 Humani Generis in 1950 left clergy free to be perfectly orthodox, or to believe God was a monstrous child abuser against Adam while he was small and deprived of actually human parents, since his progenitors would have shared his biology, but not human soul.

Fiducia Supplicans (73 years later, perhaps a symbolic number) leaves clergy free to do the Chaput thing, not sure he actually used blessings in that pastoral, or to do the "Father" Martin thing ...

It seems both documents were drafted by men (not necessarily both Popes, not necessarily both Antipopes) who could not make up their mind on what the Church should do.

24:40 The comment seems to imply someone having SSA in order to be chaste — has to struggle.

The struggle for a person could like not be the difficulty to get a spouse with some acceptance for the difficulty, no, it has to be a struggle to be chaste?

Unfortunately sounds like you go, someone either self qualifies or is rumoured to be a man of SSA, you conclude from the tea leaves and Delphic oracles of modern culture, that unfortunately are now part of Seminary Education, I mean psychology, that they are "not called" or even "not qualified" to marriage.

II — II, QQ 92 and 95, please!

Dr G Ashenden | 22 Dec. 2023

2:43 There was a pro-evolution lobby infiltrating the Church in the 1940's.
Like, pretending Adam had biological ancestors.

Back then and in Humani Generis, it appeared only permissible to such people to have this biological ancestry strictly non-human.

This obviously makes God into a child abuser. Hence, see Romans 1 for what could be expected to happen, and also did happen.

If Vatican II was not a council, the thing later on infiltrated by another type of evolutionists, to which Adam was not strictly the first human being, does not really concern the Catholic Church but a counter-Church. Either way, that even more pagan view of the matter has in Romans 1 manner actually got closer to "classical" homosexuality ... except of course the real classical model was in fact often youth abuse.

But given this, I actually marvel at so much even being OK in FS. I dreaded an import of "gay blessings" like in CoE ... its clear that the blessings of which there is a question are NOT precisely that, but vague enough to give room for priests who genuinely want to end a situation of sin, should a gay couple have the temerity to approach them for a blessing.

3:14 Indeed. That's precisely why certain sins of the mind can push one directly out of the Church.

Meaning for instance evolutionists are not really Catholics.

15:29 Pope Michael II neither has § 283 of the CCC, nor Fiducia Supplicans.

In the late 14th C. schism, the right pope was the one who was in Rome, when there was another one who wasn't ... but is this always the case?

16:47 Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginęła ...!

19:38 I have a sentiment that Chaput of Philadelphia would know a way to apply FS without heteropraxy.

"For the purpose of ending your sin and finding spouses you actually can marry, for the duration of 1 month from now, as long as you are faithful to this intention, ..."

The problem is, "Pope Francis" repudiates the praxis of casuistry. Thereby depriving the non-heterodox words from clarifications that would also make their application non-heteroprax.

21:50 Repudiation should take this form, namely:
  • ask for a clear rejection of the wrong kind of blessings
  • ask for a clear acceptance of the right kind of blessings, to people at least willing to try to end sinful relations, or who at the very least are not excluding it, more than St. Mary Magdalene excluded finding back to chastity.

    (which involves casuistry, sth a Jesuit is somewhat paradoxical in finding insupportable ...).

Similarily, the ambiguity of Humani Generis should be repudiated:
  • ask for a clear rejection of Adam having biological ancestors, either bestial (which would make God a child abuser to him) or human (which makes him not the first human and God an abuser in relation to original sin)
  • ask for a clear affirmation of Adam having been formed directly by God and being a real individual, not a figure of speech.

In this doctrinal thing, there is no human weakness of the flesh that should be pampered to, heretics and apostates, unlike sodomites, are not victims to strong appetitive impulsions that their will does not master.

22:45 When it comes to changing the mind, the §283 of the CCC, endorsed by Wojtyla and Ratzinger, was a "change of mind" (i e out of the Church and Her mind and into sth else) compared to all centuries of comment on Genesis 1 through 3, or Romans 5 or related matters in the Creeds and Decrees.

Bergoglio is more cautious than they.

23:21 Had already been there and done that.

On Pentecost 2009, I was at my last Orthodox service, at which Ratzinger was attacked as uncharitable for his remarks about condoms in Africa. I can't see how the Neohimerites are not "Father Martins" while promoting that as a charitable solution by "iconomya" as I suppose it's pronounced in Greek these days ... (οἰκονομία)

Took refuge in Pope Michael I, whom I already knew ordained and consecrated since Gaudete weekend 2011 (or Church year 2012), and, neither he, nor his successor, has so far endorsed either CCC § 283 or the heterodox interpretation of Fiducia Supplicans.

23:45 Sorry, but it seems you are buying their publicity without examination.

Neohimerites and Soviet era Patriarcate of Moscow (Paleohimerite on the eponymous calendar question, but Neohimerite on basically everything else) do not value Apostolic tradition all that much. They will more likely claim apostolic tradition for claims that are totally modernist.

Paleohimerites (except the Paleohimerites in Calendar only, already referred to) do usually not value Catholics. To them, and some Neohimerites, we need unconditional rebaptism, we need to repent for killing Peter the Aleut when he refused to communicate in Azymes, we need to repent for Stepinac and Pius XII plotting the genocide of Serbs in Jasenovac, which is a ridiculous reversal of the historic truth. If there is any truth to their suspicion that Stepinac got Nikolai Velimirovic into Dachau, it very certainly was to have him not get killed in Jasenovac ... and indeed, he got out of Dachau alive, as did major important political prisoners, like Kurt von Schuschnigg or Bruno Kreisky.

Lijepa nasa domovino!

Croatia — second lowest abortion rate in Europe after Poland.

Serbia — about as many abortions as the US ...

25:18 What about looking at the last papal election, Vienna, July 2023? A bit less than a year of Sedevacancy after the passing away of Pope Michael I?

25:46 What's wrong with Peronist?

Don't blame Juan Perón for the heterodoxy of a man who was 19 and probably a bar bouncer, when he was deposed by the Junta.

27:03 Are your Orthodox friends suggesting I'm demonised, and is it really because I refuse to demonise (more usual sense) Cardinal Stepinac?

Or because I refuse to believe in the martyrdom of Peter the Aleut?

Or are your Anglican friends (and the Catholic lawyer of Anglican moral views on Constitutions, James Bogle) stating I am demonised (your sense) because I refuse to demonise (more usual sense) Kurt von Schuschnigg or Juan Perón?

The attack on Peronism is to me an insult to Germany ...

Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

Was carried by Juan Domingo Perón, while now he carries or will carry after Purgatory (RIP) greater glories than the Bundesrepublik could bestow.

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