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If Terms can be used Retrospectively, Jesus was a Palestinian

Traveling Israel on the "Jesus was a Jew" theme, answered · If Terms can be used Retrospectively, Jesus was a Palestinian · On Hezbollah and Gaza

It's not Anti-German to say Mozart was Austrian. It's not Anti-Hungarian to say Haydn was Austrian.

Why "Jesus was Palestinian" is Antisemitic
Eyal Bitton | 25 Dec. 2023

c. 1:10 "protesting but the menacing mob at this Toronto Mall makes it clear what the logic is the land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians and Jews have no claim to it"

More like, killing children in Gaza is Herod all over again?

2:05 So, the salient question is, are Palestinians Israelites?

From my knowledge of the history of the region, I'd say yes.

2:11 Saying Jesus was Palestinian is not necessarily "denying the Jewishness of Jesus" as much as affirming (in a roundabout way) the Jewishness of Palestinians.

Not confessional Jewishness, which cannot be affirmed of Jesus either, as the terms now are used on earth, but Jewishness in the sense of coming from Second Temple Judaism.

2:38 Amer Zahr's video, which I have shared, thanks for highlighting this, "Jewish faith" is ambiguous.

Second Temple Judaism, yes, not what's now Jewish.

However, if we speak of Jews as an ancestry, an ethnicity, Palestinians are purer Jews than Ashkenazis, comparable to Mitsrahi or Iraqi Jews.

2:57 Yes, exactly.

Jewish and Samaritan Christians from the first Century are ancestral to Palestinians today. Amer Zahr got that perfectly correct.

3:05 Well, while Mitsrahi Jews have an equal native standing, they have a very much higher distanciation from the other two groups.

At least within the context since the Mandate.

3:22 Your "corrections" are the kind of things I expect from incompetent "fact checkers" ...

3:28 Excuse me, but what exactly in this narrative is "labelled against" you "Jews" ...?

Is it the fact, that if this is true, you have treated Israelites like Canaaneans, or given Israelites an existence reminiscent of the Warszaw ghetto?

No, it's not against "us Jews" it's against certain Israeli Jews. Those who have asked for Palestinians to be treated this way.

Amer Zahr is not an Antisemite. You are.

"However, the claim is a pernicious one as it seeks to redefine Jewish identity - as a faith, not as a people. By doing so, its aim is to remove any connection Jews have to peoplehood and to the land of Israel."

No, it's not. The descendants of Jews, Samarians, Galileans, are historically in the region three peoples, labelled after their confessions. Precisely as in Bosnia, also long under Turkey, the difference between a Serb and a Croat is the confession.

The Muslim and Christian confessions descend as much from 1st C. Jews as Mitsrahi Jews do. That is, more than Ashkenazi Jews do.

The threat of Jewish domination and land grab, has made Muslims and Christians of the region unite into Palestinians.

You have created the Palestinian people, which in the 19th C. were two peoples, the Muslims of the region, and the Christians of the region. The Mitsrahi Jews (also of the region) have remained separate. Saying that the people of the region were split into three on confessional grounds is not remotely paradoxical. Saying that the people of the region in the 19th C. descended from those in the 1st C. also isn't that.

You are twisting the truth of a narrative you dislike, by pretending to analyse its intentions. You are calling black white, and white black.

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