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Competing with Patrick Madrid, First Half of Video

a) I link to his talk at Steubenville
b) I stop after question after question to give my answer
c) I comment on, but do not give, his answer.

Patrick Madrid | Stump the Apologist | 2023 Defending the Faith Conference
Steubenville Conferences | 29 Oct. 2023

1:22 I would say both "amazing grace" and "han har öppnat perleporten" can be sung by some Catholics.

But there is a distinct difference between St. Thérèse Martin who can say about her baptism as a baby "genom bloded har Han frelst mig och bevarat mig som sin" and a Sister Clare Crockett who can say of her teens "I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind, but now I see" ...

I think neither should be sung by a whole parish, they have their place at plays when different saints or different Catholic life stories are featured.

2:19 Oh, OK:

"How precious did that grace appear
"The hour I first believed!"

Also correct about some Catholics, namely those who get baptised as adults.

"What do you seek of the Church?"

4:28 Have you told your daughters about why an Amerindian girl died from TB in the diocese of Bishop Coudert?

She was a residential student, she caught TB, and she died. But that's not the whole story. Here is more.

Bishop Coudert to authorities:
"Can you send a doctor?"
Authorities to Bishop Coudert:
"Na, she's an Indian"
Bishop Coudert to authorities:
"I'll pay for the doctor myself."
Authorities to Bishop Coudert:
"Even if you did, we'd stop him from coming, save your money" ...

Jean-Louis-Antoine-Joseph Coudert, O.M.I. was bishop of Whitehorse in 1944-1965.

Tell your daughters to be angry at Ottawa, not at Rome.

8:29 "the government had made it illegal to be secretly another religion, outwardly a Catholic"

That has always been illegal from the side of the Church.

The problem was, for some groups, the government had made it illegal to remain in Spain and be openly a non-Catholic, specifically Jew or Muslim.

Muslims, as religion of former occupants, Jews, as often the religion of collaborators against Christians.

It's a bit how in 1944 France made it illegal to be either a National Socialist (political affiliation of former occupants) or a collaborateur (collaborator, like Doriot and Pétain) ...

9:53 "relatively very few people who experienced those kinds of terrible things"

The Spanish Inquisition was certainly more lenient than the retroactive (or actual) Résistance when it got hold of local governments in France 1944--45.

Another thing where the Spanish Inquisition was more lenient. Witch trials. If witches could not be proven to have sacrificed actual children, if all they could confess was meeting Satan at a witch Sabbath, the Spanish Inquisition, at least after 1611, considered this an imaginary crime, but of course a real sin to indulge in such fantasies. The repenting witches were not burned but sent on a pilgrimage to Santiago. Note, this is probably also due to witch cults in Spain being content with this abuse of auto-hypnosis, and not getting involved in human sacrifice. Some other witches apparently did and do to this day.

10:51 I'm less sanguine about the Residential schools.

Some priests and lots of the laymen were believers in Evolution, and saw Indians as "less developed" ... as an anomaly to get rid of unless they "caught up" where "evolution had gone before" ...

17:39 "Russia had been trying to get the California coast"

Have you heard the story of "St. Peter the Aleut"? One of the things that made me a revert from Orthodoxy.

If you ask Russians, of a certain type, and some of their fellow Orthodox, he was martyred by "Jesuit monks" (some will say they were really Franciscans) by getting his flesh carved off slowly, finger by finger etc, all for refusing, as his starets back in Alaska had said, to communicate in unleavened bread.

I did not believe it then, and do not believe it now. More probable if the guy existed at all, he married in California, became a normal Latin Rite Catholic, and the fellow Aleuts when returning to Alaska told the story to preserve him from getting excommunicated by Hermann of Alaska.

28:05 There is a problem.

Yes, he would not be committing a sin while not recalling he's a Catholic who should go to Mass.

But if he knew before going into the time machine it would cause him amnesia, it's not like getting hit on the head and becoming amnesiac, but like chosing to get hit on the head / banging it to a very hard wall and getting amnesia. So, if he had no very compelling reason to do so, this choice would be a mortal sin, coming in his personal timeline before him dying in the past, and would therefore damn him.

On the other hand, he could have intended a sacrifice needed to save someone else, taken the risk of forgetting Catholicism and hoping to rediscover it, and that might be an excuse.

28:52 Perfect parallel.

If you chose to go to a child porn site, you chose to face temptations that you should not face. The choice would be mortally sinful.

But if your daughter has been kidnapped, and you think this is your one chance to verify she is still alive, you could have a motive to face those temptations (btw, hope it never happens to me).

31:15 "the same sacrifice is represented"

Not represented in the modern sense, but etymologically speaking Re-Presented, Re-Made-Present.

The Real Presence is a bilocation of His Body from His throne in Heaven, the Sacrifice is a "bilocation in time" from the Good Friday when He was Crucified.

36:59 I have heard Ukraine is losing support.
While eyes are turned on Gaza, and most countries that would defend Ukraine are for Israel, more or less, but still concerned for Civilians in Gaza, Putin can be gaining some opportunities that he hasn't had previously.

Orban voted down, by a veto, a financial support package to Ukraine from the EU budget.

It can be mentioned, behind the war, there was also a measure by Zelensky to deprive non-Ukrainean languages of official status.

This involved Russian in the Donbass, but also Hungarian on the other end of Ukraine.

My tip to Zelensky : give the regional languages back their status!

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