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Patterson Defined Slavery

Q&A: These 4 Books Will Change Your Mind on Race | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter | The Glenn Show
Glenn Loury Clips | 27 Dec. 2023

1:16 — 1:55
Patterson gave a theory I won't go on for long Patterson gave a theory of uh what the essence of slavery was that has always uh resonated with me which is dishonor he says uh slavery is the permanent violent domination of natally alienated and generally Dishonored persons that's a quote of his definition natal alienation is that the connections of parents to their progyny is interrupted by the fact that the master can intercede because he has a property claim over the progeny and general dishonor is uh a more subtle idea it's the idea that you can't have standing in society

Patterson has just proven that CPS and psychiatry means slavery.

Thank him from me, if he's alive, for his contribution to that fight of mine.

Lots of Blacks in Paris waste their time by fighting me as a racist. I am not a racist, I am a fascist. I am a fascist because I am against Communism (a state arrangement which involves among others CPS and psychiatry, often directed against Christians), and for equity.

How many of the blacks in Paris who targetted me because they had been told by precisely some shrink or psych personnel or former CPS agent they trusted (and shouldn't have trusted), I don't know. But that's basically the perspective that stops me from joining certain other more or less fascists, who for their part would relish a race war. I don't.

For my own part, I have been fighting against the slave hunters of today, including for my right to have a precisely standing in society, my refusal to accept dishonour, even if I am actively dishonoured several times a week, often enough more than once a day.


It can be mentioned, some people, very unfortunately, use fascist as a euphemism for national socialism.

This means, when someone is identifying as a fascist, such people quasi automatically conjure up images from national socialism.

To me it's very evident, if Hitler got some good ideas about workers and employers from Mussolini (what Il Duce had already put in practise before 33), he also got some very bad ones from Wendell Holmes. Those are not fascism.

Someone on quora was poking up a link about Maria Mandl. Let's be clear on a few things.

1) Maria Mandl was 26 at the Anschluß, so had never been active as Austrofascist, especially as she absented part time to Switzerland, where some were also taking bad ideas from Wendell Holmes (without any fascist views on employers or employees).
2) She was a feminist carreere woman. Never married.
3) The camps where she worked had not operated under Austrofascism.
4) On the page for Ravensbrück, I found references to Gipsies and Yenish / Travellers being persecuted prior to National Socialism in at least two Länder of Austria. That would have been under Austrofascism. However, the references point to local corruption, like bad police. Not to a corrupt state with bad policies.

So, whoever had the bright idea to give me some remorse for Ravensbrück, that's like trying to give a Swedish Social Democrat remorse for the Bolsheviks shooting the Czar. Not the same branch of Marxism. Well, me and the guys who ran Ravensbrück are not the same branch of Fascist either.

I do think Swedish Social Democrats should have remorse, however. Namely for ideas from Wendell Holmes, up to the seventies, and psychiatric ideas from Brock Chisholm, a slave hunt to this very day. Austrian Austrofascists, unless they later became National Socialists, were not involved in the Wendell Holmes ideology. It's useless to ask someone to have remorse for not just someone else's sins, but that someone else on top of that enemies to oneself. Would you ask Trotski to feel remorse for the Stalin purges? Again, there are other things Trotski should have remorse for, but not that one.

Dollfuss was killed by a National Socialist. von Schuschnigg was put into:

1) Gestapo arrest
2) Dachau
3) Flossenbürg
4) Sachsenhausen
5) back to Dachau.

Conversely, when National Socialists celebrated their "martyrs" that could refer to
a) someone executed for killing Dollfuss
b) someone shot when trying an armed rising against Schuschnigg.

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