Thursday, December 28, 2023

On Hezbollah and Gaza

Traveling Israel on the "Jesus was a Jew" theme, answered · If Terms can be used Retrospectively, Jesus was a Palestinian · On Hezbollah and Gaza

Episode 779 - Christians in Northern Israel Need Help
The Hot Zone With Chuck Holton | 28 Dec. 2023

1:53 If you are concerned about the Hezbollah threat, why do you not oppose the ethnic cleansing in Gaza, which has already targetted Christians at least twice, possibly three times?

Those atrocities are giving Hzebollah an excuse, should they move.

And for that matter, the IDF bound up in action in Gaza might be giving Hezbollah an opportunity as well.

12:34 How sure are you even October 7 was Hamas and not Hezbollah?

I'm genuinely asking. You could have reasonable assurance.

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