Monday, March 25, 2024

Does This Writer Read?

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Yes, this essayist reads essays.

I could add, I used to read lots more novels before I got this stress level. Some people think my being a Meldahón equals my being impotent, and if they could only stress me out a bit more, I'd be a Meldahón no more. They have stressed me out of being a regular novel reader and out of writing chapters on my fan fic novel. They have not stressed me out of reading essays and of writing essays.

You're Not Really a Writer Unless You Do THIS
Alyssa Matesic | 24 March 2024

1:21 I think this is OK criticism, about novelist.

I don't read much novels, ergo, I am not a novelist.

It's not OK criticism about essayists.

I read lots of essays, reply to lots of them in mine and write others not in such replies.

The fact that I read the essays mainly online and that essay writing is a much shorter format than novel writing, doesn't basically change this. Though obviously it changes the perception of people who consider "being on the internet" is mutually exclusive with reading. People who wonder why I don't have thick books and they see me spend hours on them.

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