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For Some Who Believe "Francis" is Pope

For Some Who Believe "Francis" is Pope · Joe Heschmeyer Gives an Excellent Case for the Church Needing Infallibility (We are Both Papists, so Think the Infallibility Resides in some capacity in the Pope)

there was a mandate in Vatican City all workers all 6:42 employees had mandated to receive the [vaccine] 6:48 jab in their arm the other option is they had to have 6:53 a neg they had to have a negative test for the virus but it got so ser 7:00 ious that three Swiss guards Swiss guards are the security team of the Pope 7:06 and of the Vatican three CIS guards were fired because they refused to get the 7:13 [vaccine] there were also several 7:19 Bishops I already mentioned Cardinal Burke Cardinal Burke got very sick he got covid he almost died you remember we 7:25 were praying for him every day praying for him praying for him there there was one day in particular I heard that this 7:33 might be burk's last day I remember couldn't sleep that night I was praying for Cardinal Burke Cardinal 7:41 Burke not only is it questionable medicine according to Cardinal Burke but 7:48 because this so-called medicine is derived from aborted fetal tissue 7:55 Cardinal Burke says there's an a moral a proper moral objection to receiving this 8:02 so-called medication or as Francis calls it the 8:08 antidote you'll remember there was Cardinal puetts there was Bishop athanasia 8:14 Schneider he spoke out against it Bishop Strickland spoke out against it of course Bishop Strickland got cancelled I 8:20 think part of his cancellation was not only speaking against certain things in the United States Conference of Bishops 8:27 not only resisting what happened at the LA Dodger Stadium last 8:32 year but also his very vocal objections to receiving the [vac 8:40 cine] so there's Cardinal Burke there was Cardinal puetts there was Bishop 8:45 Strickland Bishop athanasia Schneider and also I believe Archbishop langa who 8:52 used to be in Kazakhstan I believe with

Pope Francis Condemns Cardinal Burke and the Anti-Vaxxers
Dr Taylor Marshall | 21 March 2024

Blessed Holy Week to Burke, Strickland, Puett ?, Schneider, and three former Swiss Guards!

Not to mention Taylor Marshall ... thanks for the story!/HGL

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