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Sins against Prudence, Sins against someone else's Prudence

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13 Ways You Choose WRONG! | Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P.
Pints With Aquinas | 2 March 2024

5:00 Before we get to sins the choser can do, what about sins against the choser?

So and so dislikes his deliberation, dislikes his choice, interferes with the seeing through ... poses delays, poses distractions along the delays, poses weakening factors (like sleep privation or noise) to weaken his resistance to those distractions.

Look how old people were in Genesis 5 when they got sons, a) in the Masoretic chronologies (including Vulgate and Douay Rheims), b) in the LXX.

Does one man getting three sons at the age of 500 strike you as somewhat ... odd? What happened?

One version says Noah really wanted to be a monk, but was finally persuaded to marry at long last (it's a Greek addition to the patristics list for the passage, but not a known Church Father).

What are the other possibilities? Well, one of them could be above scenario? Right?

Matthew 24:37 conf. 1 Tim 4:1—5.

8:36 One way of sinning against a choser is, you refuse to acknowledge what he has chosen, then go on and cheer him on "get your choice done!" and if some do it long enough, he might once again miss an opportunity, and when once again he choses what you don't want for him, there you go again.

9:22 Yeah, and one of the ways you can sin against another choser is imposing inconstancy by taking constancy for inconstancy.

In 2000, I had made my general vocational choice : religious life NO, marriage YES.

How many crooks have since then pretended I am inconstant about religious life, when I'm in fact constant about marriage, and am constantly getting that sabotaged, sometimes in the end of the person I intend to marry, someone dissuades her, sometimes in the end of the means, "no, he doesn't really need an income from his writings, he can serve God as well without an income"

14:59 Sins against the choices of the other would involve for instance piling up de facto tasks which someone can't do, in order to stamp him as precisely negligent.

15:56 Some people with a superstitious trust in psychiatry might stamp it as criminal negligence if someone opposes psychiatry, or refuses to take his or her medications.

One of my reasons against "John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Francis" is, "John Paul II" around the time of San Egidio peace prayer with non-Catholics (which preceded the Srebrenica massacre), also made some kind of peace agreement with psychiatry.

I think that was criminal negligence or even treason, against the liberties of Catholics targetted by Anti-Christian shrinks.

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