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The Truth About Vladimir Lenin: A Century After His Death - David Volodzko
Triggernometry | 15 March 2024

5:42 On more than one item, I considered that Stalin repaired some of the evils of Lenin. NEP, though intermittent, was Stalin. Tolerance of Orthodoxy, was Stalin.

On more than one item, I considered Lenin worse than Hitler, but I thought Eugenics was an item the other way round.

I found one item more on both.

Lenin planned and Stalin stopped Eugenics. That evil of Hitler's was one where Lenin had gone before him, just not yet successfully ...

6:39 And this kind of psychiatrist who is into "stopping the next Hitler" by "treating the next guy" with those disorders has made Psychiatry a micro-version of the Communist Dictatorship.

Since Brock Chisholm.

7:30 The guys you cite, who are able to target groups with such diagnoses today, remind me of a Hitler who diagnosed Lenin as a Jew.

9:03 Their problem is biological?

Reminds me of a Hitler who considered this about Jews.

Take Hogwarts as a symbol of the Jewish community. Then take Hitler as an outsider who only saw Slytherin in all Hogwart.

THEN, add on top of that, you and Hitler, though targetting different groups, target biology, in fact God's handiwork, instead of the will, which God left to themselves.

If you target biology, you target much larger groups for each of the evil guys you go after.

AND you repeat Hitler's basic belief in sth not very far from DiaMat, though he violently denied to agree on all items.

11:06 Yeah, it may be that Holodomor was one of the items on which he again lost his struggle against Antisemitism.

Under Stalin, the guy responsible was a man called Genrikh Yagoda.

12:01 Wait, are you speaking about a famine under the Czars?

14:37 And because I consider telling the truth involves honouring some non-Hitlerist Fascisms (including the beginnings, but not the end, of the name giver), my pushing back is pushed back, by people who consider me the "personality type" of Lenin or Hitler or someone else, because of arranged tests, undergone while being exposed to pains and disappointments on a daily basis.

A few years ago, first or second summer after the first confinement, I contracted lice, but quickly got rid of them, scraping off lice bites in the showers, and the lice eggs with them.

This December, I contracted lice again, but this time my fight to get rid of them has been sabotaged each step of the way. Latest time Saturday. People had burrowed in my luggage, and I couldn't find the shampoo for the third dose of anti-lice shampooing.

I am obviously being compared to Hamas glorifiers, simply because I think Netanyahu has by now gone in very definite overkill mode. Like Hitler about people sharing the biology of Lenin, for instance. And to Hitler, because I honour Dollfuss. And to Lenin, because I find the NEP policies (but not all other levels of policy, far from) of Tito fairly good.

"Hitler got his Antisemitism from Dollfuss" ... would it have been better if Jews had participated in Hitler's persecution of Gipsies, like they showed no compassion for Hereros, when the German perpetrator was an Enlightened (and Pro-Jewish, Pro-Zionist) Despot?

Meanwhile, Heinrich Schenker died peacefully in a comfortable home under Dollfuss' successor Schuschnigg. His widow was transported to Theresienstadt.

Someone then (Saturday evening) left me Coeficientul Emoțional by Gilles d'Ambra. Some of the gipsies here speak Romanian.

AND are confusing* Gipsy persecutions in Switzerland and Sweden (discourtesy of Pro Juventute and of Social Democrat Régime) with anti-Gipsy prejudice not taking that kind of action in Austria.

* For those speaking French:

Correspondence de Hans Georg Lundahl : Autriche les années 20 et 30