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Rise of Loneliness

Rise of Loneliness · Mormons and Muslims Have Similarities · Yes, Christianity Traditionally Permits 12 Year Old Women to Marry — No, Not Three Year Old Girls

The Rise Of ‘Female Loneliness’ (& How To Fix It)
Shoe0nHead | 14 March 2024

Probably a good video. Shoe self qualifies as left, but is often "dragged into the mud" (from her perspective) as right wing by some woke crowd. I had other things to watch, so didn't see it all.

However, I felt the pov I shared here might be one neglected by her:

0:38 May I as a former teacher speak up about both types of lonelieness?

I actually had two ninth graders who were in a couple.

They had different musical tastes (he : hip hop; she : classic). But they loved each other and they were both hard working at school subjects and ... shall we say, ambitious.

The school district was 54 km or more from North to South = 33.55 miles. Needless to say, it consisted of smaller villages and a ski resort, so, it was in the middle of nowhere, not much to do. Learning music and getting good at it was one of the things. There was a small chance someone doing that would be able to make a living, about as small a chance as any other, unless you inherited a farm (or were a stranger like the teachers and doctors and policemen).

I sometimes sat at their table, I wished them well. Next year, I was no longer teacher (I had only been a replacement for one term anyway), but I was still able to speak to some teachers. I heard they had broken up, because their musical tastes were different. Obviously, the teachers who were closer to them than I was had:

  • made sure each should pursue the music style he or she cared about
  • made sure they were* contracepting, so no baby forced them to stay together
  • made sure they put real serious stuff (like marriage and parenthood) far ahead, so no immediate hopes made them stay together

or in other words, done absolutely precisely what was needed to break them up, so each could be more attentive to mentors rather than both being more attentive to each other.

Do I need to say more about why I hate modernity?

* "contracepting"

Or not "doing it full scale" in the first place.

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