Monday, March 11, 2024

Some Guys Hope to Get me Zionist

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: Some Guys Hope to Get me Zionist · New blog on the kid: As I Mentioned

Douglas Murray Reacts to Greta Thunberg Palestine Support
J-TV: Jewish Ideas. Global Relevance. | 7 March 2024

4:34 Just as an aside point, between Amramides, the prophet and God-seer, and Mendelides, the Apostate, there were never someone like Maimonides, the Child killing Crook.

Thanks for reminding me once again why counting on me becoming a Jew is a very bad idea.

6:12 W a i t ... did I miss sth? The Ashkenazi didn't come in huge masses from Europe (often former Russian Empire), partly during the Balfour declaration, partly during Hitler's collaboration with Zionism (up to 1941, I think), partly after they had either gone into hiding or been put in camps, by Hitler, or by his enemies hiding them, or by sometimes his cronies secretly helping them if personal acquaintance (like Goering did for a couple my gramp met)?

The Ashkenazi presence was full blown in 1860?

I think the one's that completely unhistorical is you.

And if you pretend to show statistics, please don't use those where third generation Ashkenazis count as "Mitsrahi" if they are born in Palestine or their gramps were! That's not proving Israel a Mitsrahi project rather than an Ashkenazi one.

Son of Hamas Founder Message To "Free Palestine" Mobs Around The World
J-TV: Jewish Ideas. Global Relevance. | 6 March 2024

1) By 6 March, I think it's clear that the genocide is more perpetrated by IDF over time since 7 October, than by Hamas on that date.

If some can say "they aren't human" and motivate that by "the children were eating candy after October 7th massacres", that's pretty exactly like if a synagogue or Shtetl was massacred "they aren't human" and the Nazis or locals profiting from their presence motivate that by "they were celebrating Lenin" ... who had killed LOTS more than Hamas did on October 7th.

2) If October 7th was the worst that happened since 1945, how can you say "we need Israel for our security"? The Jews have so far been safer most, perhaps all other places in the world, than Israel.

3) If you want to end Hamas, and keep some kind of Israel (both of which I do), the idea that has some kind of perspective would be to cease treating Palestinians that are close to your bullets or police handcuffs as Hamas suspects. Like, give Palestinians some equal rights.

1:35 For the moment I'm protesting (on internet) for Christian Palestine, primarily.

But insofar as they are collateral damage of an IDF project nominally targetting Hamas Palestine, and de facto targetting Muslims in Gaza whether they are active in it or not, I'll not forget Gaza either.

And yes, Christians have died. Lots fewer than Muslims, but they have still.

2:08 I think it's possible, unless my mother was misinformed, that my greatgrandmother was chased away from that land when she was very young, in 1860. Because she was Jewish. By Turkish officials. Her previous info was about the maiden name Suur meaning "sour" in Swedish, but it could instead have been "Tsur" and transscribed as "Suur" in Swedish.

I think it highly probable, my grandfather, her last son, twenty years younger than an older brother born in 1880, was, with my grandmother, investigating the possibility of Aliyah. Sometime 1950's or perhaps around 1960, Golda Meir was not yet PM but arguably already prominent.

If that is the case, he renounced it. And part of the reason is, he thought what was done to Palestinians back then unfair.

And my mother and I have been persecuted for being Christians, with at least participation from Zionist relatives, Atheist or even Jewish.

I think, I am not your average protester in the street.

2:17 I have a huge problem with Jews not recognising Jesus as the Messiah.

Jesus is the Messiah, He founded the Catholic Church.

Some rabbis, including one who blasphemed Him in Notre Dame, he was the occasion for me learning about it, pretend "Jesus did not fulfil Isaiah 11" according to which the Messiah has some regional political importance. Now the thing is, the Church politics of the Catholic Church started in Palestine. 1st Church, in Jerusalem. 2nd Church, in Samaria. Sounds West Bank, right?

The regional polical importance of the Messiah is, when He founded the Catholic Church, he also founded the Palestinian nation as an ethnic by-product of that Church.

And before you say "there has never been a Palestinian nation" you don't really mean "nation" you mean nation state. Palestinians are a different nation from Romans, from Peninsular Arabs, from Seljuks, from Ottomans, from English and from Ashkenazi majority Israelis. Even if they did not have the state, even if the ones having the state were Rome / Constantinople, the Caliphate, the Seljuks, the Crusaders, the Counter-Crusade, the Ottomans, the English. Just as Denmark carrying the arms in Godthåb, now Nuuk, doesn't make the Inuit ethnic Danes.

Someone on a video beside this one said "Islam needs a reform to accept Israel", for me the more urgent things (I'm not a Muslim) are: 1) Zionism needs a reform to accept Palestinians and 2) Jews need a reform to accept their true Messiah and join His true Church.

2:50 I think since Christianity became a minority of Palestinians and Rome ceased to hold power, the Middle East Style has deteriorated.

October 7 had panache. The IDF response has grandeur. Both impressive things.

But there are some things about both which make me less satisfied with the Middle East Style.

To take a fictitious example. When Tintin was involved in helping Alcazar to power in San Teodoros, both Alcazar and his prisoners were shocked, Tintin didn't like the South American Style of Revolutions.

3:00 I'm not shocked by the idea of killing Hamas leaders.

I actually spent a few hours one night rejoicing that six of them had been killed. In the morning ... right, six Hamas leaders killed, fine, it cost 3000 deaths in Gaza ... when killing any number of civilians is acceptable in order to kill Hamas leaders, that's when one finds it a bit ... like killing Jews to kill the Communist Jews (I mean active Communist, there were some, and Communism had done decades of evil prior to WW-II).

Perhaps you may realise, I don't find the parallel particularly appetising. The loathsome thing is not observing it, it is doing deeds that lead to the observations.

3:36 I believe you. But the acts of IDF have brought the wrath of God as well.