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Colin (Not a Pastor) on Fight For Truth Had a Better Take

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Christless Conservatism Strikes Again!
Fight For Truth | 28 March 2024

4:56 The kind of devastation it would wreak is not made up.

I am a Catholic, part Jewish ethnicity, and the devastation this has brought on my mother and on myself is a real thing.

Have you looked at a picture of St. William of Norwich? My take is, he may have been of Jewish recent origin and executed for preferring Christianity over Judaism.

Nowadays, they could be preferring shrinks over executioners, though.

5:32 And the OT text will also not bring salvation on a sola scriptura basis.

II Tim 3:15 And because from thy infancy thou hast known the holy scriptures, which can instruct thee to salvation, by the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

He doesn't say the OT all by itself can instruct St. Timothy or anyone else to salvation, but only by the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

I e, the OT with a Christian exegesis, sth which according to Luke 24:27 Jesus provided the first Christians with, sth which is too long for being in all of the OT text, and something which according to John 14:26 and Matthew 28:20 the Church needs to preserve.

6:11 What is however Biblical is that God has definitely not abandoned the Israelites who to this day are Christians, since (with few interruptions) the first century.

Christian Palestinians.

If Klavan had recognised Palestinians as Israelites, which is historically accurate, about as pure as Mitsrahis, purer than Ashkenasim or Sephardim, he would have taken "God has not abandoned Israel" in a sense that should have him worried about IDF and Netanyahu. God might decide to defend Israelites against them.

And while the majority of those killed by generous assessments of terrorist status, by stray bullets (some of which have killed hostages), as collateral bombing damage after warnings were given, but time to follow up the warnings lacked, or as victims of unbearable conditions deliberately brought about, were Muslims, some were Christians. An IDF soldier bravely killed a mother and a daughter from a Roman Catholic Church service. A series of bombings made a Greek Orthodox Church have things collapsing from the roof, which killed a 16 year old teen.

But Muslim or Christian, they are Israelites. The majority of inhabitants under Roman / Byzantine rule were Christian Israelites. When Omar came, many, both Christian and Jewish, were forced to become Muslims, or some even preferred (taxation was involved, Omar was probably not asking full zakat right then or there). Those are as much the majority ancestry of Muslim Palestinians, as Gaels outnumber Normans in Catholic Irish ancestry.

6:36 not allowed to say it

Does that remind you of the state of Jerusalem in the end times?

Apocalypse 11:8 And their bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city, which is called spiritually, Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord also was crucified.

Spiritually Egypt does not necessarily mean Khemetist. More likely it refers to "house of oppression" ...

7:33 Does Max Miller remind you of Tovia Singer?

One of his fans (I'm less sure of Tovia himself) has pretended Christianity is the "final beast" ... probably referring to the Fourth Beast in Daniel. She (Paula Wallace) has also pretended Jesus is a Greco-Roman idol and the Devil a Greco-Roman sidekick. Her argumentation is heavily influenced by Zeitgeist the Movie, if you have heard of that.

8:15 Andrew Tate need not be as hypocritical as you think.

Years ago, Jews were saying the Messiah is coming. Obviously, to Christians and Muslims this could be concerning as this would refer to the Jewish (non-Christian) Messiah, as they specifically deny Jesus is the Messiah.

Some are probably genuinely concerned the Jews are about to bring forth their "Al Massih Ad-Dajjal" -- and Andrew Tate could possibly be genuinely more sympathetic to Christians who say Christ is King over Christians who think politics can be done without Christ, so as not to offend certain Jewish actors. He could after all have been disappointed with Christianity because of these latter ones.

8:30 The ministries?

Oops! They are in objective rebellion against the King of the Jews, since they are opposed to His vicars on earth over the centuries!

I'm not speaking about "Francis is Pope, if you diss him ..." as I don't believe he is the Pope. Michael II is.

But Ligonier, Alpha and Omega etc are attacking papacy as such.

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