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Christ is King of the Jews

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Is Saying "Christ is King" Antisemitic?
The Counsel of Trent | 27 March 2024

2:23 The pre-Islamic Christians in Arabia would have been Ethiopian Church Yemenites.

Are you sure ancient Yemenite used the word "Allah"?

I am aware that after the spread of Islam and Islamically promoted Arabic, the word has come to use in that sense among Christians who use that or derived versions of it as their daily language.

For instance, Maltese is originally a dialect of Arabic, and "Mother of God" is "Omm Alla" (Latin alphabet).

2:58 Indeed Palestinians say this now, but the fact is, prior to the Countercrusade, they spoke Aramaic rather than Arabic, among themselves.

Muslim Palestinians adopted Arabic a bit quicker, I think by 800~900 they had switched from Aramaic to Arabic.

2:58 Speaking of Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios, this shows a further truth that Ben Shapiro might not like:

Christ is King of the Jews.

Palestinians are Jews, Samarians and Galilaeans from 2000 years ago who, unlike Mitsrahi Jews and other Jews did not side with the Sanhedrin both against Jesus and against Mohammed.

3:35 How do you define "the sin of Antisemitism"?

Shapiro will probably consider it "Antisemitic" of Candace Owen to have reminded him that he is in rebellion against his King.

3:52 Yes, I definitely do not hate either Lenin or Freud because of their genetics, but rather because of their evil deeds.

Some will however count this as Antisemitism on my behalf.

4:22 Today there is also a dehumanisation of Fascists, whether Antisemitic or not, and of Antisemites, real or supposed.

That's a reason to not inflate charges of Antisemitism, right?

Now, I think you are using "Antisemite" as Jew-hater. Some people also or rather use it as Critical of the Jewish community.

In Swedish and German for instance, "Jew-hater" is a very current word, or rather cognates of it, so "Antisemit" tends to be more ideological, less emotional.

I once told my sister (of Jewish Liberal persuasion) I had become "ein Antisemit" ... I simply meant I had become so critical of the Jewish community that I endorsed positions I, like she, had been taught to regard as "Antisemitic" ... like it was unfair of Jews to be harsh loan sharks and taking interest is in and of itself evil. Or like it is probable that Jews were behind some of the killings of children. St. William of Norwich has in iconography a long nose and curly hair. It's not just the Gothic way of drawing heads, it's clearly a question of personal traits ... sometimes associated with Jewish genes. My bet is, 1) St. William of Norwich was executed for being Christian, while of Jewish ancestry, 2) Theobald blamed a far off cabale in Narbonne in order to stop investigations against Jews closer to home (Theobald converted after the death of William).

I had been taught that every allegation that a child had been killed by people of Jewish origin of any type (Chesterton thought it was Jewish Satanists, and I thought so too back then), was the same as maligning the usual ritual of the Seder. Which I would certainly not do. That it was only done by the most vile people with the most irrational hatred for Jews, probably sparked by their envy. A view of the Christian Middle Ages I could no longer have and cannot recover.

It's as stupid as claiming "spices were popular because meat was rotten" or "every sickness flourished because Medievals had no hygiene" (I've been in a debate with a man who claimed there was cholera in the European Middle Ages, when the first time it spread to Christian countries as far West as Russia was in 1817, an epidemic starting in Bombay).

It's equally stupid to claim they had no justice.

6:05 I do not hold Gaudium et Spes to be a real council text, and I do not consider every kind of discrimination as contrary to God's intent.

More than one Church Father, it would seem, has mentioned that "ho katekhon" in II Thessalonians is the Roman Emperor.

Albert II of the HRE / Albert V of Austria fulfilled this in a somewhat harsh, possibly unfair way against Jews of Vienna, when he suspected them of financing the terror of the Hussites.

But if he had not been allowed to use any discrimination against Jews at all, he would not have fulfilled his duty as "ho katekhon" it's just possible he overdid it this time.

This is by the way one reason why the Catholic Church cannot take over after 1918 as "ho katekhon" ...

9:23 This is where I think this breaks down.

Catholic teaching has a real sense of fairness, which is lacking to the Talmud.

Please note, the Supreme court of Roe v Wade, of unhappy memory, the operative source of evil would have been Protestantism:

Presbyterian, Catholic (?), Episcopalian, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Presbyterian (omitting the two who dissented).

However, check the dissent in Everson v. Board of Education, Felix Frankfurter did actually want to discriminate against school transports to Catholic schools, and he was Jewish.

In the US, people like he are marginal. In France, less so.

9:57 I am very careful to note I really appreciate Jewish musicians and linguists.

But some of them don't seem eager to requit it, if I have any reservations against Jewish shrinks or bankers.

10:38 There are at least two exilations of Jews that we, as Catholics, do have to defend.

That of St. Lewis IX. That of St. Pius V.

It may be noted that St. Lewis only expelled money-lenders, which he also did to Lombardian ones.

It may be noted that St. Pius V allowed the ghettos of Rome and Ancona to stay.

It may be noted that if St. Pius V was not a pathological liar or totally deluded about what was happening, and therefore an incompetent ruler, Jews had really behaved very badly in the Papal states.

I have been stamped as Antisemite, and therefore more or less "self hating Jew" and so on, simply because I refused to condemn exilations of Jews, in principle, and to condemn these two.

10:54 The Church Fathers were not individually infallible, but where they agree, they do amount to infallibility.

Now, beyond attacks on St. John Chrysostom, some will ask us to forego the Gospel of St. John too.

When a canonised Saint has done something, it is not an appalling injustice. Unless he repented of it.

Btw, as I had written to Ratzinger back before leaving Sweden, I do consider Wojtyla, "John Paul II" as very probably involved in injustices against me. He's also incanonisable for other reasons.

11:22 I think St. Thomas was on this account simply reflecting canon law.

Now, canon law, of the actual Catholic Church, cannot be unjust. There can be situations not foreseen by the law (how do you elect a Pope if all cardinals endorse an Antipope?), but the law itself, insofar as it is binding on all Catholics, cannot be unjust.

11:42 In 1916, Chesterton was yet an Anglican.

He may have made the remark in reaction to Pro-Prussian Jews, prior to the Balfour declaration, which suddenly rallied Jews to England.

He may have sincerely believed the guilt of Dreyfus at this point, even if later he would say that of the two trials, the first could very well occur in England, but the victim would not be a Jew, and the second (basically whoever was the victim) is what could not occur in England.

12:27 St. Simon of Trent was found with his throat slit like the slaughtering ritual of a Jewish butcher.

The Jews in town were very few and could have been very extreme.

He could, like St. William of Norwich, have been of Jewish descent.

12:36 Keeping people in unsanitary places is murder in and of itself.

There are reasons to highly doubt whether the gas chambers were used as murder weapons. In saying so, I am actually not accusing Jews of lying, I am accusing Hitler's men of being efficient bogey-men, as they certainly were to the 50, probably to all 650, involved directly or indirectly in Jo Wajsblat's visit to a gas chamber.

But the parents of Dita Kraus dying, one by typhoid in the camp and another by too much exhaustion, is still murder.

12:46 I abhor the Paedagogic terror against young Jews by Adolf Hitler.

14:50 If he thinks Hitler stood for Christian leadership, he is probably not so much Antisemitic as ill informed (so are some Anticatholics!) about Germany 1933 to 1945.

It's over the top to take a distance from Fuentes for that, even if he's mistaken.

I've been accused of Antisemitism because I simply defend German bishops during this time, or the War effort against the Red Army.

actually he admits to not knowing all there is to know about him and shits on actual hiterfanbois all the time.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@onvogmasaj good to know

16:13 I had my dose of Hitler's coolness during the most Pro-Semitic and indeed Pro-Zionist era of my life. Also before my Baptism.

It's a real social thing, but if we can admire cool guys, and are Catholics, how about admiring Franco instead?

He did defend the Church. He did not go after the Jews, even just for occasions that killed them in the typhoid.

17:46 I think that Deutsche Christen predated the Nazi régime, even if part of the leadership then endorsed it.

"Positive Christianity" is a bit like ... "you just need to be sure that you are saved" + the "muscular Christianity" of Matthew Arnold.

I'm not sure if they ever tried to attract Catholics, but it was a very Protestant thing.

SS members (I think prior to international volunteers) would be c. 50 % Protestant, 25 % Catholic, 25 % "Gottesgläubige" = Neo-Pagan. Theistic Evolutionists.

18:15 Did Heschel find any Catholics involved there?

Perhaps a few priests, but hardly bishops.

19:42 In John Jesus is using the word "Jews" in a different manner from the narrator.

The narrator is very aware that in the meantime, the predecessors and ancestors of for instance Sebastia Theodosios were no longer considered as "Jews" by the majority of the nation.

John 4:22 doesn't mean salvation is from unbelieving Jews.