Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Adam Conover Promotes Some Bad Policies - But Reminds of Some Good Ones

Adam Conover Promotes Some Bad Policies - But Reminds of Some Good Ones · Anti-Malthusianism (Good) + Socialism (Bad) = Finally Disagreeing with the Video

If you find it scandalous I promote a guy who is against Barre Seid's activity, overturning Roe v Wade in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, consider his number of views in 6 days : "699 893 vues"- extra views I give him are peanuts to what he already has.

Why There's No Such Thing as a Good Billionaire
Adam Conover | 13 Oct. 2022

And also consider my giving the antidote when appropriate, in appropriate comments (also when not needed as antidote, he had some decent things to say), here:

8:56 It seems the "old scroll" actually does not ban rich people from using riches for political influence.

George Washington was not exactly a pauper ... and not Middle Class either.

9:34 I love Barre Seid, from what you told me.

"when Walmart comes to town" 12:44 "it correlates with increased obesity" 12:46 "higher crime rates and" 12:48 "lower overall employment in that area"

So, you are basically making the complaint against Walmart that Trump makes against immigration?

14:25 I am no fan of BG since he shut down the MSN Groups and encouraged users to transfer to Multiply instead, I tried that with my smaller MSN Group, result was ugly, and it would have been a lot more time to save the big one, lots more to transfer.

I lost what I couldn't transfer to blogs.

That was in February 2009.

It can be added ... I am also no fan of his narrative when it comes to having children ...

14:54 frugality is saintly when it is a means of surviving as poor, if one isn't poor, it's lack of generosity.

16:42 Why did Carnegie hate display?

"Carnegie and his family belonged to the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, also known informally as the Northern Presbyterian Church. In his early life Carnegie was skeptical of Calvinism, and religion as a whole, but reconciled with it later in his life. In his autobiography, Carnegie describes his family as moderate Presbyterian believers, writing that "there was not one orthodox Presbyterian" in his family; various members of his family having somewhat distanced themselves from Calvinism, some of them leaning more towards Swedenborgianism. While a child, his family led vigorous theological and political disputes. His mother avoided the topic of religion. His father left the Presbyterian church after a sermon on infant damnation, while, according to Carnegie, still remaining very religious on his own."

"Witnessing sectarianism and strife in 19th century Scotland regarding religion and philosophy, Carnegie kept his distance from organized religion and theism.[118] Carnegie instead preferred to see things through naturalistic and scientific terms stating, 'Not only had I got rid of the theology and the supernatural, but I had found the truth of evolution.'[119]"

So, he hated display, because he was a Presbyterian. Not an orthodox Calvinist, mind you, but a Presbyterian.

Presbyterians are heirs of people hating Rome for Liturgic display, and of people cutting off King Charles I's head for courtly display. As well as encouraging the Liturgic one, as a more High Church Anglican.

Btw, he also used his influence as a billionnaire (or whatever was the limit in his time) to promote Evolution and dispromote Theism. And promote the idea that that philosophy is better at doing science than a few others.

So, do you believe in Evolution? Perhaps you have fallen a bit too much for Carnegie's and his pals' PR campaigns!

17:14 Btw, don't confuse those thugs in the US with the blackshirts of Italy.

Asking for a fair share is not the same thing as plotting a Communist takeover.

The thugs in the US didn't ask employers to make working hours and pays fair.

The blackshirts did.

17:45 FDR

Anti-Trust - there was already an earlier Anti-Trust, right? How did FDR improve it?
Minimum wage - with Bernie Sanders saying he'd like one, what happened in the meantime to the one of FDR?

If Bernie Sanders had been against abortion, and for homeschooling, I'd have recommended him on my blog. I'm for minimum wages, and maximum prices - as were a lot of Catholic Theologians (but a lot fewer Presbyterian ones), and if the Austrian school tells you otherwise, Thomas Stork has corrected them and what kind of mis-citation they are doing (it's like stamping St. Thomas as an Atheist because he begins one article "it would seem, there is no God, because ..." and not finishing the article).

18:28 Weren't there also new taxes burdening the Middle Class?

Inheritage taxation is peanuts to Patagonia, as you just demonstrated, but it can make sure some mom and pop shops don't become son and daughter shops after they die.

One can add that some parts of welfare have been bloated : more psychiatry, more child protective services, you know, where the money doesn't get to the pocket of a client, but of someone supposed to care for him better than he can do himself, or, if he's a minor, his parents can do for him.

Plus, obviously, longer schooling, I think certain schools' Atheist gym teachers are as big a threat to under age teens' chastities as certain parishes' Catholic or Neo-Catholic priests.

19:53 Anti-Walmart policies?

Like encouraging the ban of Walmart if there are small business doing the job?

Living areas that do include bakeries and small grocery stores you can buy groceries each day in small amounts, like in Germany, as opposed to some suburban living areas where in the US this is not allowed? That would make for the existence of small business doing the job.

Just a suggestion or two.