Friday, October 7, 2022

Candace and Walsh!

A Disturbing Reddit Thread About Children & Gigi and Kanye Drama | Ep. 19
6.X.2022 | Candace Owens Podcast

3:49 Dialect or teeth correction?

"Deshtroy," "thish bringsh me ..."

5:00 Anonymous ...

a) as in no signatures whatsoever?
b) as in signature need not be real name?

6:09 I wonder, how do these 1.5 million people plan to cope with old age after they quit the job?

Are all of them millionaires or close, who can pay themselves into getting company by inviting younger people to parties?

Anyway, it's so Vulgarian, if you know the story of Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang!

8:25 You see why psychiatry can be a trap?

It became so to some.

14:51 I actually wonder a lot about my "followers who aren't followers" - they are not subscribing to my blogs, but they are still there every day and hardly ever comment.

2000 from France, 3000 from the world.

31:01 Memory lane.

1934, February, Hitler makes it legal to sterilise people who might transmit hereditary especially mental disease or retardation, and to kill (abort) babies with Downs' syndrome.

This was five years before the War started and four years before he invaded Austria and four and a half years before he invaded Czechoslovakia.

If you want decent nationalists with dictatorial powers, there were, but you had better look at something South of the Danube.

Dollfuss, Schuschnigg. Decent people. Didn't kill babies or sterilise adults or invade other countries.

33:03 I'm with Matt Walsh on this one.

I probably came into psychiatry in 1996 because some people in a village in Sweden were not with Matt Walsh.

35:00 minus some seconds ... I admire your ability to actually recite that backward alphabet!

I know it's not for sympathy, fortunately.

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