Sunday, October 9, 2022

Malachi Martin

Did Malachi Martin Leak The Real Third Secret Of Fatima?
7th Oct. 2022 | Return To Tradition

[on Malachi Martin's changing view of "John Paul II" - one comment]

19:40 Malachi Martin wrote Windswept House in 1996.

Pope Michael had been already elected, making "John Paul II" fully an antipope, an opponent to the real Pope.

And JP-II started making mistakes very blatantly in the early 90's, like directly endorsing (Leo XIII and Benedict XV had not done that, I have checked Providentissimus Deus and In praeclara summorum) Heliocentrism, directly endorsing (again, Pius XII had not done that, I have checked Humani Generis) the idea of conjugating Evolution Theory with Christianity.

Suddenly Fundamentalist Bible exegesis is attacked, and the Roman martyrology reading for Dec 25 changed (the old reading says the universe was 5199 years old when Christ was born).

And the attack on Fundamentalism is not an attack on Protestantism, old style. It has since then translated to pretending the Fundamentalism of St. Robert Bellarmine was not quite Catholic. It was. The early 90's attack was wrong.

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