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John MacArthur Actually Said ONE Good Thing (Last Minutes of Video)

John MacArthur Rebukes Gavin Newsom + Thoughts on Kanye & Columbus | Ep 689
11.X.2022 | Allie Beth Stuckey

11:19 Looks like Romans 1?

Here is a difference. Sure, you have Atheists, some Pagans, and Modernist "Christians" (wait, I am repeating myself) who look like how St. Paul qualifies the end result of rejecting the true God.

B U T ... who is standing up and saying : "look at the heavens, they prove God exists!" in a simple and relatable way?

Me. I tend to have 3000 people reading my blogs every day, not always that one, and of these c. 2000 are from France. 2 - 300 from US.

Now, part of the case for God in the heavens is traditionally speaking also a case for angelic movers.

The daily motion proves God.

The non-daily motions (like solar year, lunar month, retrogrades) are made by angels.

Unfortunately, John MacArthur is on record as decrying any personhood credited to the Sun or Moon as tantamount to Sun-worship or Moon-worship.

This is simply not the case. You can look up in St. Thomas Aquinas writings that he believed angels move stars.

You can look up in the Roman Missal (including the proper) that there is no invocation to for instance the angel of the Sun or of the Moon, rather in Daniel 3 (Catho-Dox version) they are simply told to praise God. If you are really freaked out by it, you can ask about the Dominican Rite as well. There is also no feast day dedicated to either Sun or Moon. The feast on October 13 certainly is related to a Solar miracle, but this one in honour of Our Lady. [Sorry, my bad, the feast is on May 13, for first apparition]

18:26 Paris Fashion Week is for some reason still missing my reactionary clothing ... with a blog URL to my YEC blog on the back of the "mente" (look it up on Hungarian wiki and click back to English, it maybe translates as "pelisse" ...) - but I would still be able to describe roughly speaking what it is.

Paris is hosting weeks for lots and lots of things. Bakers' week, greengrocers' week (or the producers behind greengrocers), wine, agriculture (including the French version of Good Ranchers, obviously) ... and since Paris is also a fashion capital, there is a week for fashion for autumn / winter fashion and also one for spring / summer fashion.

All kinds of clothes producers make headlines for:
  • ready to wear
  • men's wear
  • haute couture.

39:15 No side effects, drug free.

Sounds a bit like what hypnotic power naps are doing when some guys have been destroying my sleep, one way or the other (including to pray I get a good meal and no alcohol on the evening : the good meal and the light meal plus beer are equal to get to sleep, but the good meal = I wake up and can't get back to sleep, like this night I spent awake from before 4 to 6).

George Wagner
Could be blood sugar.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@George Wagner Could be.

One lady told me, the first thing they give after seing trouble with that is not insulin, but pills.

I bet the pills are at least partly diuretic, and alcohol (in moderate amounts) has the same effect.

42:28 Pastors with a theology of grievance ....

Your hero John McArthur never voiced any grievances against Catholicism, did he?

I don't mean the theological stuff, like attacking the Sacrifice of the Mass that Christ actually instituted with His Apostles on the Last Supper and which all Churches with Apostolic Succession accept (Catholic, Orthodox, Copts, Armenians and Nestorians), I mean things like pretending Tyndale was burned for translating the Bible, when he was actually burned for saying when Abraham was justified without the works of the law (Romans 3) he didn't need to sign up for any good works in the future either to get justified ...

Or bringing up the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, where I'd say Coligny and a few more possibly actually were plotting against the king, and if not, they were suspected wrongly, but not totally unfairly after atrocities they had committed, but the popular ire went very far beyond what the King (or his men) was actually commanding as a "taking out a terrorist" (rightly or wrongly) against people like Coligny ...

45:24 In a certain sense, one choses the country one lives in.

Legally speaking, while the reservations do not have full sovereignty, they do have autonomy. That means, their own legal system or lack of it.

Any First Nations family can (normally) chose to live under US American law instead, by moving a few km away (not sure how many).

47:25 Homelessness is ... a behaviour? I looked at an apartment ad which I could have kept with the money I have into April - "no, other dossiers are more interesting"
another ad was quickly marked "rented"
there is a third, a bit more expensive ...

a community? Some guys who want me to act as "in community" with other homeless are exactly the guys who make it difficult for me to:
  • get an apartment without a half sneering smile because I have money and no regular income
  • get an editor for what I write and a regular income from that!

If I say hello to a drunk man, I have chosen my company.
If I don't say hello to him, I show I am standoffish and potentially narcissistic.

He was a fisherman, and legitimately has no work to do once he no longer is at that fishing boat. I was a university student, five years of excellent exams, whenever the exam (within this scope) was big enough to distinguish excellent from just good, and I actually do get work done - I counted my medium daily output for 13 days as 1839 words per day, after seeing a video with a paper published author who makes 2000 words per day.

I do say hello to him, because Swedes (yes, I am Swedish, even if I left the country) and Salvation Army (my ma used to be that) don't have the habit of shunning drunkards as a way of shaming them into compliance. Otherwise, I wouldn't know he were a fisherman. But because I say hello to him, and because I have nights' sleeps disturbed and feel tired next day, this is taken as my hangovers.

The policies you attack, are they really the ones that actually do harm me? Like counting someone in the street as incapable of running his own affairs, if they have any kind of scope beyond daily survival? Or is it just the policies that are actually helping me, like not allowing police to take me positively captive into night shelters "for my own good"?

[video break]

Nice that the video break is SPUC!
I support them.

Have you heard of "Lydia"?

49:52 Allowing homeless to pop up tents and donating tents actually does help some.

I have been too much on the move, but I see homeless who can get some reading done in their tents, they have a lamp.

In a park? Well, depends on which one (Paris is not allowing them to do this in parks, btw, which would be more quiet).

So, what would you have politicians do instead ...?

50:04 Oh, allowing a few homeless to set up tents is "incentivising a behaviour we know is destructive" ...

I can't wait for your actual recipe ...

50:16 "thinking a bit harder about everything that sounds good, and ask the question - 'but is it really good?' "

Well, instead of asking that question about things that "sound good" by not taking away freedoms for the homeless, how about asking it about things that may sound good to you because it is taking away freedoms from them?

Our first clue to good and evil is our spontaneous reaction, and yes, that is from God in the flesh :

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father from heaven give the good Spirit to them that ask him?
[Luke 11:13]

What is good and evil and what is a good gift is so obvious even evil people can know it, right?

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