Sunday, October 16, 2022

I Felt Hinted At, But Not Guilty

The title is a masculinised and Englished version of Marine's "je me sens visée, mais pas coupable" a few years ago.

4 Keys to Avoid Being a ℂℝ𝕀ℕ𝔾𝔼 Christian
15 Oct. 2022 | Pints With Aquinas

18:36 If you are a beggar in the Paris region, and if you don't say "it's a fast day" some people are likely to overfeed you until you are positively bloated.

Not a good thing on a fast day and also not a good thing if you had counted on the fast day to save your chastity that week.

Let's put it like this ... some guys know I watch Pints with Aquinas.

Some guys also find me cringe-worthy.

And some guys, if they told Fr. Pine what to tell me without mentioning me were very bad at analysing what made them cringe.

Saying in basically every blog post on one of the blogs (Creation vs Evolution) and in a lot of posts on my main blog, my debate blog in English, my debate blog in French that God created the entire universe thousands, not tens of thousands let alone millions or billions of years ago is:
  • not over-reaching who I am (I am fairly positive I am one of the few who get into the question with both a good grounding in Sacred Scripture and a good grounding in science, most are either superficial in the one or in the other or in both)
  • not displaying my devotion (it is the same conviction whether I am having a devout day or whether I would have gone to Hell if I had died that day)
  • not getting into the way of anyone who thinks he would have an easier time being holy without that question (I have not obliged all and everyone to read my blogs any more than to give me money)
  • and is also not virtue signalling, it's signalling my will to remain Catholic, as opposed to the APOSTATES in the archdiocese of Paris who are even denying the individual existence of Adam and Eve. Ask about Sébastien Antoni. Supposed Assumptionist.

The complaints you might be hearing are by people who would like to keep my mouth shut, which would be on my part a desertion of my duties as a writer.

I am an essay writer. I write c. 2000 words per day, judging from an average on the output of 15 days, of which 13 consecutive and one of the 13 without output.

I am a colleague of Chesterton, but lots less well paid. And people who are nudging other people behind my back to get some third or fourth or fifth party tell me without telling me it's me they are telling something what the first batch of people are saying to each other are among the guys who positively are empoverishing me, who are stopping me from sitting in an apartment and let editors get me readers, instead of getting them myself when I am getting money in the process.

Nothing in my writing is devotional, except indirectly, nothing in my writing is monastic, nothing in my writing is ascetic. But I do like to remind my readers - you know the guys who actually chose to read me - what saint it is, since that is the name of the date, and if it is Sunday, I am saying out the name of the Lord's day in question so to speak to explain why we don't have an actual human person whose name is cited. It's part of the date, precisely as Newman signed a preface "Michelmass, [year], Littlemore" - not sure if it was before he was a Cardinal.

I am not a preacher, I do not assume preaching to the masses to save everyone to the right or the left, I have not taken up vows in the Ordo Praedicatorum. But I have taken up pen and keyboard in my work, which is writing, and a work I'd like to be better paid for so I could have an appartment and feed wife and children if I marry. And if anyone has a problem with that, or can't see the difference, well, either it's an unfriendly Muslim, or it's a "Catholic" harlot of an unfriendly Muslim.

[added next morning] Either ... or ... third possibility, or it's an unusually orrery socialist.

21:42 No, I do not pray for opportunities of humiliation.

They are stopping me from loving God and neighbour.

They are hailing on me.

Two days in a row I sat down and begged and after a while I saw dogshit beside me, one of the times I am sure a dog had shat while I was and its master wasn't looking the other way, and the other I could have mistaken it for brown wet leaves, when they weren't.

I see no sense in thanking God for an opportunity of humiliation, when it leaves me no opportunity to love God and neighbour.

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