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Right Person, Right Age, Rights on Marriage

Marrying the Right Person w/ Jackie Francois Angel
Pints With Aquinas, 28 Oct. 2022

NPC 37724
Married at 50? You're crazy lol might as well follow saint Paul and stay celibate at that point.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
For a woman you are right.

For a man no, he still has more than a decade he could get children. If he lives that long.

Xo Ho
[taken away]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Xo Ho perhaps a thing to say to NPC 37724, but not to me

Xo Ho
@Hans-Georg Lundahl i did reply to that person

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Xo Ho OK, thanks!

NPC 37724
@Hans-Georg Lundahl that's disgusting, you'd have to marry a woman 20 to 30 years younger that you for a decent chance at children.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@NPC 37724 So, what is disgusting about that?

By your comment on saint Paul, I conclude you are Christian and not a Pagan Aztek?

NPC 37724
@Hans-Georg Lundahl if you don't think marrying someone 20 to 30 years younger than you is gross that's on you

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@NPC 37724 To make my point clear : in Aztek laws prior to Spanish Conquest, everyone had to marry between 18 and 20. With someone else also between 18 and 20.

The Catholic Church law has no maxima for age difference, only minima for age.

update: Obviously I take that on me.

If you think it is gross, that's on you and you have no backdrop in the Catholic faith or tradition for it.

NPC 37724
@Hans-Georg Lundahl you do you weirdo

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@NPC 37724 you like insulting historic people in Europe, including arguably your own ancestry a few centuries back?

I don't.

A couple ancestral to prince Albert (ancestor of Elizbeth II and Charles III, remember) was married in 1750, with the wife born in 1720 and the husband on 1687.

He had no heir from first marriage when widowed and obviously the second marriage didn't take an age peer into account, as much as a woman in fertile years.

Or look up the Bible. Ruth married a man who praised her (Ruth 3:10) for taking an older man: Blessed art thou of the Lord, my daughter, and thy latter kindness has surpassed the former: because thou hast not followed young men either poor or rich.

NPC 37724
[volontarily withdrawn or deleted]
@Hans-Georg Lundahl nigga give it a rest. You're old and wanna marry younger women, good for you nasty. I still say it's gross, but that's my opinion.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@NPC 37724 I would not have anything specifically against gentlemen of colour, but I am not one.

Your opinion is based on what principle?

Besides, one younger woman would suffice me.

Lord Honksworth
@Hans-Georg Lundahl For some reason, particularly in Traditionalist circles, there is an expectation that men "man up" and marry some barely reformed harlot their own age (regardless of how handsome and accomplished these men may be), even if she's unlikely to bear him children. Feminism is deeply entrenched even in Catholic circles

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Lord Honksworth Thank you for the explanation.

The one thing that is news, though I am not flabberghasted, is, "particularly in Traditionalist circles" and in particular the word "particularly"

I am not very handsome, not very accomplished, do not see reformed harlots as the only option my age (there are widows), but I still prefer children of my own over taking over those of a dead man and barely giving them even one younger sibling. Especially if one of the daughters of the dead man were to be the kind of teen face I fancy. I would not like risking to get involved incestuously with a stepdaughter.

I don't see changing that as "manning up" ... I am probably more traditional than some Traditionalists.

5:53 You are happy your sister waited to 32. Holiness is one thing.
But, there is also gynaecology.

Your sister may get issues at childbirth which she wouldn't have had if she had married 10 years earlier.

My mother - who had gynaecology as favourite speciality at med school, but settled for second favourite as assistant doctor, bc gyns in Sweden are required to participate in abortions - would not have advised it.

Xo Ho
My mom birthed me at 32, and my bro at 40. She's doing fine.

Joe McNeil
You can't refuse marriage just because you're in your 30's. God allows what he allows, & women can have babies through their 40's

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Joe McNeil I wasn't saying she should refuse marriage.

I said she was not wise to wait so long.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Xo Ho And not many more, I suppose?

Joe McNeil
@Hans-Georg Lundahl but not everyone can control their age when they marry. I think many wait too long for the "perfect" person out of selfish reasons, but there are a good amount who just can't find anyone worth marrying.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Joe McNeil true.

Or the ones they found were protected against them - my case, I am 54.

With women, this age would mean the near impossibility of children, as I am a man, no.

6:25 "if you are a miserable single person, you are going to be a miserable married person"

Even when the root of the misery is the prohibition on a certain urge outside marriage?

6:30 Marriage may not fix all problems, but it certainly is "in remedium concupiscentiae" - "remedium" is Latin for fixing a problem, right?

There is another kind of problem too, namely if you are up against certain actors who disrespect a person who is unmarried and respect him if he's married.

I have not chosen to get readers who lurk and never comment, who agree to highlight any post at a max of 20 views per day, unless the post is from last day, who agree to stay 3000 views in the world whereof 2000 in France per day and who agree to watch and rewatch the exact same posts that happen to annoy them.

Yes, I made a fault in French about gender in 2012, both "couilles" and "video" are feminine and it's a bit paradox to me, first bc where they are located and second bc no -e. Yes, I prefer CSL and JRRT over Isaac Asimov and not just the Bible but even GKC over both Quran and Talmud. No, pushing me to eat much and sleep little will not make me expert at flirting.

They could either accept things and interact or not accept them and ditch me, but they seem unable to do either.

And Catholics who listen to them are unable to stop:
1) being silent about me
2) even so replying to me.

If you chose to call such people Catholics.

"watch and rewatch" - or read and reread.

[My comment is about statistics seen and commented on here:
New blog on the kid : Stability of Readers and of Read Posts

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