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Father Spyridon Probably Mostly Right About the Antichrist

Father Spyridon Probably Mostly Right About the Antichrist · This is Not to Make Another or Stronger Indictment of Putin, It Involves Keeping Him as a Suspect · Can Mask- and Vax-Mandates be the Mark?

20 Sept. 2022 | Father Spyridon

5:20 Would you mind telling me and others reading this, what work by St. John Chrysostom this is from?

In John Chrysostom Homilies on Isaiah, I find The excellent merit of this prophet is seen very well in his works, but what makes him see no less perfectly is the testimony of the one who, more than any other, was able to appreciate his qualities. I mean St. Paul, whose Holy Spirit dictated the words. Isaiah's frank language, his thought always free, his high sentiments, the clarity of his prophecies on Christ, all his qualities etc

So, some prophets are clear sometimes, preciely according to St. John Chrysostom.

Commentary on Daniel?

For "Patristic Bible Commentary" I do not find the commentary on Daniel (entire book) by St. John Chrysostom - only a commentary by him on Susanna - where this quote lacks, and commentaries by others.

The only trace of these words in the pen of St. John Chrysostom I find is in a google book version of Averky Taushev's The Epistles and the Apocalypse.

8:58 He will oppose injustice in all its forms, he will appear as a true Christian ...

... what prophecies are these?

While I think St. Caesarius of Arles is wrong to pinpoint 616 as the number, his explanation of it - "Ch I St" = Christ without the R, without the sharp letter, Christianity without the Cross, makes sense.

12:12 Are you sure that Antichrist will be little known as yet?

I think a KGB agent who became a local politician in St. Petersburg has already revealed himself to the world in 2000.

But in 1998 (divide it by 3 and you will see something) he became chief of the FSB.

12:46 ... specifically towards Roman Catholic remaining Christians.

14:16 Are you sure that it is the one in Jerusalem, and not for instance the Vatican?

15:56 That one is arguably true.

Atheism will contribute things to the morals and belief of Antichrist, but as such will not be the official teaching.

Atheist communism was the Fourth Beast (end times version, like Roman Republic was the OT version).

But the Antichrist will be mainly defined by the Third Beast - the Leopard.

My view of the Leopard is, it's Puritan to Stoic perversions of Abrahamic religion. 1 Judaism (after fall of Temple and rejection of Christ), 2 Islam, 3 Puritan Protestantism, 4 Freemasonry. Obviously Scottish, Shriner, or similar, not Grand Orient which is Communist and Atheist and part of the Fourth Beast.

18:12 I am sorry, but while this may be the stance of kollyvites in Greece, this is not the stance of the Church historically.

Matthew 28:16 - 20 mean, among other things, before the end, all or at least many nations will at least for some time have been, as nations, as social organisations, disciples of Christ.

Imperfectly, certainly, sometimes even persecuting the Catholic Church while being Catholic - like Lothar of Germany and Roger of Sicily attacking Pope Innocent II.

But there will have been clear utopian traits, compared to Paganism or Judaism.

I just found out some gory details about how Alexander the Great succeeded his father.

20:14 In the truth of Catholicism.

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