Sunday, October 30, 2022

German, U S American, or What Else ...?

American vs. German Christianity: I HAD NO IDEA It was This Different
The Black Forest Family, 30 Oct. 2022

13:30* Reminds me of Heinrich Babenberg. Nicknamed "Jasomirgott" = "ja, so mir Gott [helfe]" (the usual explanation in schools when I was a child, but look up Heinrich II. (Österreich) for further discussion)

Final Q
I am in a sense disqualified, as neither German nor US American.

But in a sense I am qualified too. I am no complete stranger to either.

When my ma at last had a chance to start giving me a Christian education, she took me for a summer to the US. I don't know if you know a group that is called "The Walk" but we stayed a lot with them. Including in Anaheim itself.

When we got back, it wasn't to Sweden, but to Austria. Ma had to decide what confession I was to be given Religionsunterricht in. It seems Lutheran wasn't available, so between Calvinist and Catholic, she chose Catholic. Leaving exactly one Calvinist girl the sole person in the class to not have Religionsunterricht with us, but to go somewhere else outside school hours.

Now, my take, I am pretty much for the idea of Church Tax and of Religionsunterricht. I also think this could be extended to Science classes - you could chose Evolutionist or Creationist precisely as you chose Catholic or Calvinist.

I am also highly for the US degree of belief and Church going.

So, if I might describe my ideal, but in places and times a bit outside what I have actually called home, it would be more like Franco's Spain or DeValera's Ireland.

BOTH a high degree of religious practise and belief AND state funding for certain religious confessions.

* Scenes of US Presidents sworn in on Bibles with the words of "so help me God"

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