Thursday, October 6, 2022

Is Izzy a Hypocrite - Or Not?

These guys say she is:

Mother of teen activist 'goes berserk' after daughter is exposed as 'massive hypocrite'
29th Sept. 2022 | Sky News Australia

I argue, she is not:

2:02 It might be possible that one of two things is true:
  • Izzy Cook's voyage to Fiji took place before her conversion to the climate cause;
  • or it was not her own decision, but her family's or her school's.

It is certain that at 16, one is not a child prodigy for speaking up.

There was a girl from St. Petersburg who spoke up against the Russian curriculum (proning Old Age and Evolution), and when she didn't get a school system compatible with her faith, she went to Dominican Republic.

Probably in a plane, but her main concern was even more important than climate issues, it was the truth of the word of God.

News on the Fiji Trip:

In a radio interview, Izzy Cook was asked if she was "embarrassed" that she was "forced" to accompany her parents in Fiji. To which the young climate activist replied:

"Of course I’m not embarrassed."

Who is Izzy Cook? Fiji interview controversy explained as 16-year-old climate activist receives support after being mocked on live radio
By Srijani, Modified 28 Sep 2022

In other words, as I guessed, Izzy Cook did not go to Fiji on her own, she was simply not protesting her family's decision.

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