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Can Mask- and Vax-Mandates be the Mark?

Father Spyridon Probably Mostly Right About the Antichrist · This is Not to Make Another or Stronger Indictment of Putin, It Involves Keeping Him as a Suspect · Can Mask- and Vax-Mandates be the Mark?

By 4:18 in the following video, Lisa Haven is worried that Biden's recent greenlight of a certain research will lead up to a technology finally making it as the mark of the beast. I say it won't work. I give an alternative. I then defend it as at least possible.

Biden Green Lights ‘Biblical End Times’ In Eerie Soul Stealing Executive Order!
Lisa Haven | 20.X.2022

Hans-Georg Lundahl
4:18 Arguably won't succeed.

Mark of the Beast will be something simpler - like a habit of wearing the mask and upgrading jabs.

L Kimberly
"The mark" cannot be forced, at all. No shot matches it, people can FORCED to get it: whether you mean one shot or a series of them- if before this you said the shot was the mark and you changed your meaning like evolutionists keep changing their views to keep evolution theory fresh, it means you either rejected your prior meaning or updated your "it is definitely ___!" meaning of the mark as if you can guess, be wrong; guess, be wrong over and over no value either way [if the guess is no value right or wrong than the mark you say it is or isn't is neither important nor of any worth]. Masks can be forced too, but too little can be forced in that way, so masks don't count either. Is the Bible about God's rule or men and their often petty pursuits? You clearly show you think it is just a political guidebook about men and their rule.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@L Kimberly While a shot can be forced, I suspect this one will not be.

It's non-acceptance will be punished, not generally pushed by brute force.

Same as with the mask.

The men and their rule once upon forced another kind of token, a grain of incense burned to the genius of Caesar.

In this older example, the idolatry was ultimately political rather than supernatural. In this case, the idol is called "medicine" or "medical expertise" - also not a supernatural thing.

It seems that the guy Apollo (with his daughters and his son Aesculapius) that medical practitioners swear by actually was a man. So the Greek gematria of Apollon would be a human number.

The nominative by itself would be 1061, on a quick check, I made a diagram with all five cases, adding up first the five A, then the five Π up to one column with omega and four omicron, after that five N, and in three cases even more letters.

Sum total : 2 666.
As said, a human number.

L Kimberly
Sorry, numerology, whether taking the Bible literally OR using numerology to use non-Bible numbers to lead to Bible like conclusions is the same as Saul using spiritism to "contact Samuel" after he was gone.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@L Kimberly I don't know what you mean by "non bible numbers" - if you meant 2666 being another number than 666, check how Jews were referring to year 5777 after creation as year 777, omitting the thousand numeral and mentioning only hundreds, tens and units.

L Kimberly
@Hans-Georg Lundahl ANY numerology is the same as the spiritism Saul used to "talk to" a dead Samuel. I don't care which numbers you use. In addition you claim it says *there's a secret code! The Bible says nobody knows when: they know the season but that's all. Through numerology and your "code" via numerology you say agree with the gnostics who thought NOBODY BUT 'US' [the secretive 'Christians'] understands the Bible. The Church long ago- even some (churches not just individual people) today believe that. In making the Bible a political guidebook you not only push God aside [You aren't needed God!] like Satan wants but also claim God revealed it all even to his enemy (Satan) because all he needs is a code like numerology to decode it to call Jesus, Paul, Peter, John among others liars because you use numerology.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@L Kimberly I am sorry, but it's not "nobody but us"

It's not Gnostic.

The letter values for Greek alphabet, Hebrew alphabet, and with Latin alphabet now ASCII are publically available. You can look them up on wikipedia.

Also, there is a kind of numerology which can really be called such, and which deals in "enneagrams" - have you heard of that? It means reducing data (perhaps including gematric, perhaps not, I don't know the details) for a person and then reducing them by sums across the Arabic numerals, until you land with a number from 1 to 9.

That is a kind of divination.

Using gematria to see if a person or institution connected to him can be a candidate for the Beast is not divination. It is using the plain words of the Bible. And information publically available.

So, if it is neither divination, nor Gnosticism, what's your next accusation?

@L Kimberly Oh, one more:

"In making the Bible a political guidebook"

Well, it arguably is, since Christ said to make all NATIONS - and that means collectively - His disciples.

I am not the least pushing God aside.

I am rather complaining vax and mask mandates are pushing God aside.

Bibles ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Becomes Real! $200 Million For an American Digital Gulag System!
Lisa Haven, 21 Oct. 2022

2:39 The guy is not my type since the day when he in February 2009 turned off all of the MSN Groups - including my group Antimodernism.

I could not salvage all of the stuff to my blogger account, he took an opportunity to get my stuff off the internet, much of it, when I was not just homeless - still am - but based in a small town with little internet access and therefore little ability to attend to transferring material.

I had a smaller group as well, I tried his offer to transfer to "multiply" on that, it looked ugly and was incomplete in the very little time I had. So, I had no time to salvage all of my work.

8:43 Unlike changing people into robots by changing their genomes, this is actually here.

I have nearly been offered one.

And as you say it can be linked to vaccination status.

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