Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Anyone Said Ancestors were Dirtier?

Surprising Benefits of Wearing Historical Fashion Every Day
V. Birchwood, 6 Jan. 2023

2:00 As a homeless man, often sitting in a squatting position - modern trousers are a scam.

Renaissance breeches for the win.

I have my most Renaissancy right below me, ready to do some mending again. Adding another strip doesn't make it look weird (-er?) since there are so many strips already.

7:56 You know those Austrian both rococo breeches still worn today and Lederhosen have "flies" that look like the oven doors and have buttons rather than zippers?

Guess what happens to my trousers or already breeches once the zipper breaks ....?

ter : Watching a video by Abby Cox - part of historic maintenance was cutting out too bad stains and patching.

Again, with Renaissance breeches, another patch is no big deal ...

The DISGUSTING truth about Laundry
Abby Cox, 18 Sept. 2022

14:24 You mean water with calcium in it is not ideal for washing ...?

What a shocker!

19:23 You might want to check out the old art of chosing city sites in places with good ground water.

I think it is even mentioned by Aristotle in The Politics.

Aquaeducts were a false solution, when they were abandoned for reasons of military security, yes, two cities were taken through the aquaeduct, the well water replacing aquaeduct water was (usually) an improvement.

19:30 Cholera was not endemic to Europe, but to India and other parts of East Indies. First cholera epidemic broke out in Bombay (if it had stayed there, it wouldn't have counted) and came as far as Russia and Turkey ... it began in 1817.

22:58 Reminds me of how certain people in the right complain about immigrants hanging out laundry for drying ....

Because, you know "progress" ... I think this was an issue in France, not sure if it is just custom or actual regulations.

Either way, bashing people for treating clothing sensibly seems somewhat nonsensical ...

Far-right mayor bans drying laundry in public
Published: 21 May 2014 13:59 CEST

The newly elected far-right mayor of the French town of Beziers has once again laid down the law to residents. After imposing a curfew on teenagers and higher fines for dog waste, Robert Ménard has now banned them from drying their laundry on their balconies.

28:41 When I had an apartment I used to boil water, and pour two casseroles of boiling water into a bucket, and dissolve soap in it, and stir dirty clothes (esp. touching the skin) therein, letting it soak and release dirt overnight or for a few hours.

Then adding a rince in cold water and hanging in the bathroom, as Sweden is also a country where line drying is not allowed, at least in certain neighbourhoods.

For winter, I added warm clothes outside this, they don't need all that much washing.

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