Thursday, February 23, 2023

Reflections on an Aging Society and the Real Cure : More Children

Here I comment only on the first news story in below:

Yale Professor Makes SHOCKING Suggestion for Old People
Answers in Genesis, 22.II.2023

0:36 Two things to bear in mind.

1) Japan is a pagan society, where Buddhism has a very lax, sometimes glorifying view of suicide;
2) Japan is a very aging society, to the point where robots are used to care for the elderly.

Some very old people believe they are speaking to a person, when it's a chat box disguised as a humanoid robot.

2:22 We also read in Genesis, 1:28, that we are supposed to make children (if we are a) married, and b) not incapacitated by some medical condition, if we compare St. Paul and Sts Sarah and Anna and Elisabeth).

A society that collectively obeys that doesn't have the problem of aging like Japan.

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Hans-Georg Lundahl
@DefendersOfWomen 15 hours ago. It's 11:51.


In theory, yes, I could have watched while it was aired.

"start a 2nd channel exclusively for commenting"

I use this one exclusively for commenting.

3:18 While all life is valuable, all life prolongation is not equally valuable.

One had less medical care in the Middle Ages. I looked at death stats from a city in France, Laon, for the quarter of a year, and it seems the correlation to the Middle Ages was about ten more years (median, higher quartile, lower quartile) ... Insofar as stopping a medical treatment would kill somebody, it is an evil thing, but not starting it is a valid option.

A rich family may have plenty of resources both for the very old and for having lots of children, but the masses, preferring children over medical care is an option.

4:03 - 4:08 "Decriminalised in 2016" (seven years ago) "over 31 000" (over 4429 per year) "have been killed by doctors in the name of healthcare"

The exact same doctors who say it's unacceptable to let someone die in the 60's because of a heart condition, if they can treat it, are saying people in their 80's are getting a burden ... and they kill them themselves.

What does "healthcare" mean in such cases?

5:24 What we see now is more or less God's revenge against Malthus.

He started the trend towards an aging society. The end (or one proposed such) looks ugly and it is arguably not getting much better before Harmageddon.

First minutes, up to at least 5:24 - a solution other than immediate replacement of missing generations of children would obviously be getting the elderly, at least singles, into monasteries.

The young monks are supposed to take on burdens for the love of Christ. Or nuns, in female monasteries.

A world with many monastic vocations is obviously both as desirable and as unlikely to arrive any time soon as more babies per family and fewer sexual activities outside marriage. But for God, nothing is impossible.

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