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My Harrassers Took on Lizzie Reezay

Why Catholics have Crucifixes (rather than empty cross)
LizziesAnswers, 19 Febr. 2023

Dialogue A:

Hans-Georg Lundahl
0:35 sth ... if you were looking at the crucifix, you were in fact assisting at Mass in a perfect way.

As Catholics we believe the sacrifice of the Mass is really and truly the same sacrifice as on Calvary.

ISR Berlinerin
Your catholic arrogant self-righteousness and delusional thinking has no bounds . To claim that a catholic Mass is the same as what the living Savior and Lord did on the Cross of Calvary is utterly bizarre and an insult to the living Savior . By the way Jesus Christ is not a catholic religion nor any other religion , he does not live in religious symbols and rituals ! The living Savior and Lord Jesus Christ lives only in the hearts of people that receive Him follow and worship only Him .

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@ISR Berlinerin I am sorry, but you are attacking me as a person for in fact remaining a Catholic.

Jesus said so Himself by "do this in remembrance of me" and "which shall be shed for the forgiveness of sins" ...

I believe what Jesus said, and you do not.

When you go to Hell, you will see who was the arrogant one in God's eyes.

5:47 The prayer you mentioned, loosely based on Corinthians, is one of the additions in the New Liturgy.

You may note it is not there in either Latin Mass or Eastern Liturgies ... it is one of the reasons some have to reject the New Liturgy, as "until you come again" sounds like an odd thing to say after transsubstantiation, when Christ is already there before us.

That said, the actual text in Corinthians is a proof text for Mass really being a sacrifice.

7:30 "Protestant reaction"

Baptist reaction. Lutherans are Protestants too, Anglicans are Protestants too.

Both of these do have Crucifixes. For Calvinists, I am not sure, in fact I think they haven't.

8:00 Given what psalm He quoted, was He really perfectly kind against all his persecutors?

They could sense He was comparing them to the Oxen of Bashan ..

Dialogue B:

ISR Berlinerin
The living Savior and Lord Jesus Christ as you well know is Risen and the cross is empty .Jesus Christ suffered for the redemption of all humanity . That was and is Gods plan of salvation and you catholics nor any other religion can add to the sacrifice . When we take communion Jesus said do this in remembrance of Me . He did not say you catholics keep me on your catholic crucifix and suffer and sacrifice all the time it is religiously delusional .It is also obvious you do not know what the meaning is pick up your cross and follow Mw , because you are not "Born Again " (spiritual birth ) you catholics follow every other catholic symbol and ritual . You read a few scriptures with a false interpretation so it fits into your catholic box . It is clear from all you stated that do not even know the living risen Savior its all religious lip -service !

Hans-Georg Lundahl
"and you catholics nor any other religion can add to the sacrifice"

Making the sacrifice present again is not adding to it.

"When we take communion Jesus said do this in remembrance of Me"

Do "this" ... namely what Jesus had just done. Made His Body present in the remaining appearance of the Bread. Made His Blood present in the remaining appearance of the Wine.

Made His Body and Blood present separately, because they were separated on Calvary.

The Mass is a remembrance that contains the sacrifice it recalls. The species are signs, that contain Whom They signify and What They signify.

"it is religiously delusional"

Are you part of a psychiatric persecution against Catholic converts?

"because you are not "Born Again " (spiritual birth )"

Both Lizzie and I were what you call born again, before deciding hat becoming Catholic was the way to STAY God's children.

We also know the verses in John 3 refer to sacramental baptism, which is available for children too.

"You read a few scriptures with a false interpretation so it fits into your catholic box"

I am better equipped to find scriptures that do not fit yours, than you to find scriptures not fitting ours.

Using phrases from Scripture to denounce someone doesn't equal disproving his position from those texts.

When you land in Hell, you'll find that out ... unless (unlikely, but nothing is impossible for God) you decide to actually listen and eventually see how wrong you are.

I am not a priest. I do apologetics to amuse me, but partly also to defend me against crooks like you, whose cabales heap up obstacles around the Catholic life I want to live.

So, I do not promise to be patient or gentle with you.

ISR Berlinerin
@Hans-Georg Lundahl I can tell your self-righteousness ,rebellion and Pride speak very loudly . You never were truly Born Again like Jesus Christ said you must to enter the Kingdom of God . John 3: 3-7 . If that were true you would not call me a crook and spew other venomous insults .It is obvious how indoctrinated and deceived you are and the Roman Cult is your little god . Calling scriptures phrases shows how less you think of the Written Word of God and again you catholics are very selective what scriptures to believe and the rest you dismiss . You believe the catholic religion is the way to stay Gods children , who are you trying to convince ? Its yourself ! Your counterfeit religion could never save a soul ! Jesus Christ Said ; I Am The Way (not a dead religion) , I Am The Truth ( not the Roman pseudo Mary + Saints ) I Am The Life ( spiritual new birth ) No One comes to Father but by Me . By the way sacramental baptism for children and adults its another catholic delusion just like so many other rituals , its just not biblical . So again watch what you say wishing me to go to hell , you religious folks heap only condemnation on your self !

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@ISR Berlinerin Did you note "of water and Spirit"? Christ said sacramental baptism.

" you catholics are very selective what scriptures to believe and the rest you dismiss"

Which ones are we supposed to be dismissing according to you?

"So again watch what you say wishing me to go to hell"

I was not wishing, but predicting ...

You worship God YOUR way, I'll worship Him in HIS.


Hans-Georg Lundahl
It's pretty probable that ISR Berlinerin lives in Germany.

It's pretty obvious to me that Catholics largely ignore me and I have a heavy following by non-conformists or evangelicals, including 7DA, who are not the least interested in getting my writing into print, but very interested in finding out what's "wrong" with me ... take a look at the stats from my main blog. Overall, the stats from the 16th were on over 10 000 on my blogs, and this is not the first time. It's usually Germany and Sweden that head those days, in the week stats from today you'll find the US has come in above Sweden, but not above Germany.

One week 3,58 k, one single day, the 16th, above 2.5 k.

Germany 2041 United States 645 Sweden 381
Russia 256 France 196 India 26

The Netherlands 5

Canada, Finland, Ukraine 3 each, 9
Benin, Czechia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Vietnam 2 each, 10
Belgium, Cyprus, Greece 1 each, 3

Other 8

2041 + 645 + 381 + 256 + 196 + 26 + 5 + 9 + 10 + 11 = 3580

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