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Dialogue under Same Video

Forums Need Not be Bad Suicide Prevention - That Forum Is (if meant to be one at all) · Dialogue under Same Video

Misses Witch
"why would you say THAT here?" What the hell..? They're encouraging people to die? For what purpose? What do they gain from such a thing..?

I spent all my life fixing people's problems and getting them out of this situation so.. so it's really horrific to see such an opposing force but, I understand now why the rate of people seeking to do this has gone much higher.

It's more than ten fold what it used to be in the past.

All of the young people I have met have thought about it, Many have tried to do it. The vast majority in fact. And when I find them they still have such thoughts until I change my mind about it all.

Many of them lack basic parenting and guidance, And they're in great need of that.

It's like the parents habe given them too much freedom, And in doing so, Habe failed to properly take care of them. They have not guided them or educated them in the way they should be.

So I have to teach them everything from scratch.

Most young people just feel the moment they're in pain that the only answer is suicide.

I then teach them pain is a normal part of life.

Others are just very much bored with their lives and again, I teach them to go do stuff.

It's really basic needs, Most of them.

You would be surprised how fast they go to the suicide solution. Like it's the only way to fix things.

Last person I met was a girl who says her Dad yells at her so she wants to end her life.

So I ask about her mum and the relationship is fantastic with her mum, The same with her friends and she has many of them too, The same with her partner and auntie.

It's like they don't think about all these things when it comes to do it.

It seems like society has taught them to be overly-sensitive and overly-snowflakly, And that if you're not then you're a bad person.

It's not a bad thing to have empathy but it's a not a bad thing to be strong either.

I don't have friends or family or anyone in my life to talk to. But I am fine. And if I am fine I am sure as hell going to make sure they are fine, And appreciate what they have!

That's how you keep on living!

Bone Man - Calcium Enjoyer
I too would like to know where this unreasonable desire to not exist comes from.
I've talked to a lot of people from many different backgrounds about this.
3 of the more interesting ideas:

One point that kinda stuck out to me was lack of "god" in their life.
I had this conversation with a follower of a Russian orthodox faith.
The mans point boiled down to "you usually don't want to die by your own hand, if that means eternal torment in the afterlife."
He implied that the decline of relegion in the modern world is partially to blame for the increase an people stopping to stay alive.

Another good point came from a middle-aged lady I met in a hospital.
She claimed that the youngsters nowadays overload their brains with dopamine from all the stimuli they can get at the push of a button via social media and such.
This dulls their brains dopamine receptors, which leads to them struggling to feel joy from "normal pleasures", which leaves them in a hopeless black hole.

Another interesting perspective came from an acquaintance of mine, an active political activist, who claimed that the world as a whole is dysfunctional as is. The planet gets destroyed by humans, inequality is everywhere, overpopulation will destroy us in a few decades anyways and evil billionaires drain all the poor people of their last dime, this has always been the case he said, but via the internet it is now way easier to spot all the messed up stuff that's going on on the earth. I should probably mention, that he was the only one of the 3 people I listed that was actually in favour of assisted self deletion for all who desires to do so, since "we need to reduce the amount of humans on the earth by a lot". (His words not mine)

These are the best reasons I've heard for why self destruction has become this prevalent nowadays, I can't tell if any of em came close to the bullseye.
And in the end it doesn't matter what drives people to the edge of the abyss, it's just important that these people don't take the plunge.
Keep on fighting, always. You can not surrender, I believe in you.

Misses Witch
@Bone Man - Calcium Enjoyer Thank you very much! <3

No matter how much suffering or pain I have endured, I will not surrender! I will keep on fighting!

For myself, My solutions came to myself through self-reflection and understanding!

I use that now to try to help people!

Certainly with the girl I mentioned before I completely changed her mind and perspective on life and then, She stopped seeing a therapist and ran off and went to enjoy her life! (Leaving me behind completely in the process, Friendless and lonely yet again!)

But well that's the life isn't it? ^ ^

I experienced that all my life so it'd be most unwise for me not to expect it!

Ofcourse, I allow myself to be upset about that, As I always am. I am aware that as the person I am, Who was neglected and left behind by their family, And friends so long ago, It's very easy for me to be attached to someone and have very strong feelings for someone.

I know the cause and I also know I cannot change that about me, So I just live and love honestly and accept it, As is right to do.

People are all moulded by the past and their experiences, And it's very important they recognise the shape of that mould!

Essentially, That's what I always do for others. To allow others to see their true selves.

That's what I can do as someone who has always lived honestly, Regardless of all the pain it's put me through, It is that very honesty which gives me strength and keeps me going.

In all of my relationships I have been cheated and lied to, Several hundred lies and several cheatings too. I have always been so very patient. It's a shame when people don't put trust on others. In my case, Someone always has my trust until they lose it.

I believe, If you are someone who chooses not to trust others, You are part of the problem. Because then, When someone trustworthy like me comes along, You end up destroying me. Many people say they do not trust others because it ended up destroying them, But in doing so, They become the very thing which destroyed them in the first place, Their very enemy which made them that way.. They become a part.

That is something you must never become!

But enough about me, There was something here you mentioned which is very important that I found to be very common in the people I help and have helped.

The lack of religious belief is certainly one of them!

It is very rare someone practicing a religion actually comes to me or needs help. I would say it's about an 80% to 20% ratio, Meaning 80% are atheists and 20% are religious. The religious ones also need alot less encouragement to find their way in my experience too.

I find alot of people they need guidance as I said before. Religion offers alot of that guidance.

A great many years ago I used to think religion was unnecessary, But, When it came to helping more and more people, I would say most of them need religion in their lives to be complete.

Within myself I have a special strength, Like a moral guidance. I follow my heart with all that I do, And it leads the way always to good things.

I thought others were capable of this too, But I realise that is not the case.

So far, Everyone else I have met does not have a natural moral guidance in their hearts, So these people I believe, Need religion.

I am unreligious myself, But when it comes to helping people which is what I live my life doing, I realise that religion helps these people find a purpose in their lives, And gives them balance and guidance.

Discipline is extremely important, And underrated. I have been disciplined by my sufferings, But in religion, You will find discipline too.

Always having to go to a church or go to a mosque or to meditate, They are all disciplines.

And discipline is very important to avoid things in excess. To find balance.

A good example of this, Is an atheist person who I was helping, He decided to bash a Christian lady. Bashing which means saying blasphemous things deliberately in attempt to hurt this person. He said to her religion is a "mental illness".

So I turn to him and I say, If religion is a mental illness, Why is it you who are the alcoholic and not her? Why do you have a drug addiction? Why do you have bouts of depression on a daily and why are you severely bi-polar?

He could not answer this question.

For this person's life, Not once did they consider drinking in excess or doing drugs as an action that will condemn them to hellfire.

Now people will say that religions are extreme for saying this, And maybe that is true, But the positive outweighs the negatives.

It is better for someone to fear going to hell than to have an addiction.

In my view is it better just to give a child a strict upbringing knowing what is right from wrong, Rewarding rights greatly and punishing wrongs greatly too. That's how I would do things, anyway ^ ^

All things must be consumed in balance. And it is the breakage of that balance that causes depression and mental health issues.

People they consume things in excess at all times, And that is extremely unhealthy.

Most of human history we work alot, Eat a little, Talk alot, Sleep.

That's what our bodies still expect us to do, And since we don't do that, ofcourse stress is present.

It is my duty to bring that into the modern world in a way that is suitable for modern needs.

About the topic of addiction, Is your second point.

The fact that many of the young kids today are very much socially connected through the internet, And get all of their recognition and perceived happiness online.

What you had mentioned about continuous dopamine shots from online post likes and all of these very superficial things, Is very true.

Your brain gets used to a very high level of stimulation which is exceedingly unnatural.

As I mentioned before about the history of humanity in general, We always worked alot for a little reward, Talked alot within our small communities and slept.

What I see young people doing today is never even leaving their beds. Just laying in bed all day on tiktok going through one video after another without having accomplished anything.

My little sister even does the same.
It's sad and such a waste.

As with many things, It becomes an addiction.

People do not realise, Drugs and products of oral consumption are not the only things you can be addicted to. You can also be addicted to things which are mentally stimulating.

I would say the short-form videos that give you just that tiny little bit of joy are particularly dangerous.

You're always left wanting more and more, And before you know it, You've thrown hours of your life away.

I have done it once with YouTube shorts, And I ended up with an extreme stress headache, And very much hating myself for it.

Why? Because I was doing something so meaningless and not spending my time on the truly meaningful things in my life.

Don't be lazy is the best advice for someone who lives their lives online.

For me even if my life is all online, I make sure to take good care of my health and hygiene, Otherwise I would fall into depression, Because there's no balance between doing and rewarding.

In my life I realise it's always best to do do do, And only eat when I really have to, And reward a little too.

It's much better to live life in this way, Where you reward yourself for your own work near the end of the day rather than rewarding yourself from the start.

Our brains work in such a way that being rewarded makes you lose motivation.
So being rewarded too early is very unhealthy.

That's why it's best to eat and reward yourself at the end of the day so it's fine if you relax.

Keeping all this in mind, The young kids get up in the morning, Pick up their phones and watch tiktok.

So from the moment they woke up they are being rewarded.

They didn't shower, They didn't brush their teeth, They didn't have a little snack or go out to work, Or do something that's truly meaningful for them, They just tiktok for hours.

And so the brain becomes lazy and unmotivated, Which eventually leads to depression.

"I am being rewarded. Why do I need to work? Why do I need to shower? Why do I need to make a healthy meal? Why do I need to progress in my life or mentally challenge myself? Why do I need to earn? I am already being rewarded" - Your Brain.

Understanding oneself and the organs and every need and part of your body is extremely important for your health, And what many people fail to understand are their own brains.

I understand many more things like the thing I mentioned above, Even how to overcome addiction (I used to have it for energy drinks) and I used it for myself and it has worked.

On your third point I will say there's always been corruption, There's always been the very rich and powerful wanting and having more riches and power while stepping all over the poor.

It is nothing new.

However the first two points are a very new thing, So I believe this is what is driving young people to choose death over life.

It greatly reminds me of a religious prophecy, From the old (Ancient Eygptian Religion).

"People will prefer death over life, And only evil angels will remain" .

Not for as long as I am alive, Only evil angels won't remain!

The evil angels in this prophecy I believe, Are the very people being discussed in this video, And many in that form itself.

I have dealt with and been in relationships with people like that many times myself.. It is hard to comprehend how twisted, manipulating and evil some human beings can be, But no matter what, We must not lose faith in humanity.

Thank you for speaking to me and replying to me <3

Hans-Georg Lundahl
You are now on my blog, kind of a guest post - hope you don't mind.

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