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Forums Need Not be Bad Suicide Prevention - That Forum Is (if meant to be one at all)

Forums Need Not be Bad Suicide Prevention - That Forum Is (if meant to be one at all) · Dialogue under Same Video

Encouraging the Young to Die - The Most Toxic Site I've Ever Seen
Tantacrul, 20 Jan. 2023

11:05 How many psych wards have contributed to this ...?

I read of a story in which a man who had had depressions locked himself in for a few days. No more than that, and one other item. Not one directly related to suicide, though I forget what it was. Wait, perhaps skipping medications.

Police get him out of his house and into a psych ward. A few days or weeks later, he killed himself.

Obviously, the man had concluded that he would never be a free man, he would always be under some kind of compulsion, "for his own good" ... a situation which our God given nature has a real wish to end. The powers of psychiatry around where he was were arguably so excessive that he found no other means to end this horrible situation.

20:26 When an argument against sound mind, due to "psychosis" can regularly be used to override refusals of "medical" treatment, as in psychiatric such, this means some peoples lives are reduced to nightmares by those trying to "help them" ...

The site you denounce is not my thing, but people like you have asked for it.

Regularly, I get my reasons to hope for a good life dashed by what looks like a psychiatric intrigue to "help me" even if I do not want that help.

I have no appartment, due to people who think I need looking over rather than being able to get an apartment that I could actually pay for, for about a year or a little less.

Yes, I could get it if I got a social assistant too, if I got a therapist too, and God knows what more.

And the poor guys who feel this is too much for them wouldn't care for teen marriages reducing the number of teen depressions, people getting homeschooled and unschooled avoiding the intense stress that brough Klebold and his pal to what they did, nor would they like plastic production to cease after Ohio, or industrialism to get down in favour of reruralisation. And quite a lot would not be cool with my saying Lefebvre was better than Bergoglio or that Mgr Williamson is right to support what Scientology does against the excessive mental health powers.

I publish. I have not encuraged anyone to suicide. But you recall the end of "Dead Poets' Society" ... for me, that suicide was not on the Robbie William's character, but on the oppressive dad.

If you had a teen who read me and talked to you and committed suicide, my bets are, the suicide could be due to the talk with you. But in fact, I don't think this happened ... or if it did, with a teen who was absolutely not listening to what I said. And, unlike the case with psych wards, I was not forcing that teen to read me.

23:00 When people around where I am start to ask "how are you" in a very suggestive way, whenever I express one of my convictions that I can predict they don't like ... I am prone to conclude some mental health professional is abusing the concept of mental health crisis, so as to deflect from my open initiative, like to get my work printed, like to get people to respect I am Catholic, like promoting (online, and if possible in print) Young Earth Creationism and Geocentrism.

In doing so, they can permanently over years damage my freedom, every time I make a statement, it's deflected from, and every time they pretend I am "no longer" in a mental health crisis, they conclude from that that I didn't really mean it and no longer mean it.

It's a kind of slave hunt.

23:21 "when they can see no end to their pain, when they feel trapped by it and that there is no way out"

Well, why does psychiatry so regularly impose that kind of life perspectives on people, then?

23:46 "the feelings pass, things can get better"

Any better for me, is psychiatry out of my life, and - preferrably - into prison.

Any interpretation by people like that, that what I stated about my intentions (which are not suicidal ones) is a feeling that passed is an interpretation in their interest of keeping up their abusive power, and any real hope I can have felt is really a hope to get those people OFF my back.

25:59 The point that makes me confident that psychiatry belongs into prison, much like the people heading that suicide site is, they can't know they haven't made life so much worse for someone that they haven't pushed someone over the brink, and they could know the opposite if they weren't obsessed with their own hero status before relatives and surroundings, their own master status over and above the patient - whose actual patience they often abuse.

25:40 As I am not on "SS" it is clearly impossible for me to direct any anger at moderators at that site.

But I can at least state what makes me even angrier - shrinks destroying lives they pretend to save. School compulsion and delayed marriage (but not in an environment making the delay bearable) making the lives of so many teens and twenty odd's a black tunnel. Politicians funding these with both money and powers that are all too easy to abuse - or in some cases cannot be abdicated even if they are realised as to someone abusive.

28:20 Hear, hear.

There is black goth stuff that will ease the pain of some to discuss. But methods of suicide should not be among those. If that service closes down, I'm all the happier for it.

32:06 I'd love for "cake123" if she is what she pretends to get out of there.

But not into years and years of psychiatric mistreatment.

32:21 While I share (with that site) a hatred of psychiatry, and I note, Ted Bundy was into talking to people who were considering suicide, and into keeping them busy while people arrived to shut them up, I also hate suicide. I'm 54. When back in late teens I considered suicide, what got me out of it was the hatred of damnation, to which those committing this sin are prone, and of the dishonour not to have trusted in my Creator, as He deserves, or for that matter appreciated His gifts, as they deserve.

If you don't trust me on that one, I am also not able to set up a forum. I lack the computer skills. I provide content - but not fora. Microsoft made it easy to make one, I attracted 30 people, some of whom were probably opposed to me and hoping to watch out for me. This ease ended in 2009. If it was due to some abuse - which MSN didn't state it was - it was not on my part. Unless Bill Gates considered it abusive on my part not to assist and even to oppose the depopulation agenda. But anyway, you might not believe me, but I am also incapable of setting up a forum if it's more complicated than MSN Groups. Like the thing that ceased to exist 14 years ago in these days.

33:02 Thank you for not attacking section 230.

I think there could be ways to get the site down even without a law change. If section 230 were removed, it would arguably lead to woke admins doing what twitter was doing before Elon Musk bought it.

33:49 1) Between 15 and 19 - I'm not surprised.
2) Sharp increase - given lockdowns and masks and things - I'm not surprised.
3) Apart from these, there have been more and more attacks on homeschooling too, and this leads to public school being more and more inescapable. That's involved too. As are abusive powers of shrinks.

Here is an example on how school compulsion is doing the same thing as that forum:

For those who think anti-bullying programs are the solution, see how these are abused:

42:03 I am for the removal of the "legal but harmful" clause.

However, helping to commit suicide should not be legal.

42:21 How is the "encouragement to self-harm" clause worded?

43:12 You mentioned what happened to Bobby C as involving, on he brighter side, he enjoyed composing.

Apart from that evil site, are there other things related to that which could have made him low?

For instance, a ban on his trying to get public or make money from his compositions? Have you looked into that?

The singling out of this kind of site, while encouraging other things that push people's hearts down their shoes to just go on because they are for a good purpose, reminds me of a prophecy.

And in those days men shall seek death, and shall not find it: and they shall desire to die, and death shall fly from them.
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 9:6]

45:02 Why limit it to mental health specialists?

Why not give links to Dianetics c / o Scientology along that?

If you mention Kaja Ballo, please note, she was not a member, she took a personality test "Oxford Capacity Analysis" the same day she committed suicide.

But mental health specialists do evaluations with depressive results too ....

I don't think Arnie Lerma can be seen as manipulated by Scientologists while he committed suicide and tried to take his wife with him ...

Not stating this as a scientologist, but because you happened to mention them as a cult dissuading from mental health specialists.

I think family, friends, churches and even cults are better places to seek out help than mental health specialists. Do you know why? Because you have another relation to them than one being concerned with the other due to a problem and that's it. Something else is more basic.

With scientology, you have dianetics, which I haven't tried but which seems like a form of light hypnotherapy - midway between Catholic Confession and Hypnotherapy regular.

Less likely to do harm than certain drugs given by mental health specialists. They sometimes go very wrong, and that specialty has more blood on its hands than either Scientology or even that evil forum you are talking of.

45:07 As the reading geek I was, I didn't go alone.

C. S. Lewis on one side giving the gruesome details of what damnation involves (Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce), and G. K. Chesterton on the other side, giving the burial at crossroads and the infamy of suicide, as well as an alternative, a duty to be thankful for the good we have.

But that's years behind.

45:41 A little nicer?

One thing that's nicer for a lot of people, including me, is not having people who are completely detached from all the rest I do suddenly "care" when it comes to my potential pain.

45:55 Not being aggressive is a very good idea.

But some won't carry it through, they prefer "tough love" ...


Crystal Ratclffe
If this is a funnel, they are using a payment portal, do what people going after porn do, go after payment processors.


Sanctus Bacchus
Cake123 will burn in Hell for all eternity. Disgusting psychopathic creature, what an utterly pathetic and loathsome lifeform. We should bring back cruel and unusual punishments for scum like this.

Reminds me of the episode in Dexter where there was a serial killer therapist who convinced women to kill themselves. Bet this sick worm also gets his kicks off like that. His reckoning is coming, in this world or the next.

I hope he steps on a D4,then falls and catches himself on molten magma.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

Already committed suicide?

Could still be saved. Otherwise, that is.

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