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Göbekli Tepe

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Ancient Apocalypse, Ep 5. Mysteries Of Göbekli Tepe
History with Kayleigh, 19 Febr. 2023

Is Boncuklu Tarla East or West of Tigris?

It's near the Ilısu Dam on the Tigris ...

If Boncuklu Tarla is West of Tigris, it could be an alternative to Göbekli Tepe as Babel. But needn't be.

If Boncuklu Tarla is East of Tigris, it's more likely part of what Noah's family built the centuries after the Flood, before Babel.

Can Ancient Structures Survive Earthquakes?
History with Kayleigh, 26.II.2023

2:13 Nice map.

Harran plain.

  • 1) It is a plain.
  • 2) It does not surround Euphrates and Tigris on both sides of both rivers.
  • 3) It's a plain between Euphrates and Tigris.

Suppose that "Shinar" = Mesopotamia, this would mean that the Harran plain exactly matches "they found a plain in the land of Shinar ...."

4:22 So, Gaziantepe and Arslantepe are:
  • more recent than Göbekli Tepe
  • less well equipped to survive earthquakes than Göbekli Tepe?

8:10 Amen to that.

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