Thursday, February 9, 2023


Toxic Mom Culture | Ep. 90
Candace Owens Podcast, 8.II.2023

Two, three comments of mine:

0:17 I take lozenges sometimes when I have a sore throat.

When I have toothache or abcess I don't take pills. I take blue cheese and rince with distilled liquors, and I want the pain and its regress to indicate when those things are really working (the alcohol actually momentarily desensitises as well as kills caries bacteria).

0:21 At the utmost, when I am either too stressed or too tired to do good work on the internet, I go to a hypnosis youtube, generally an energising power nap of generally no more than 15 minutes (or 20 rarely when I'm very tired). Look up Alicia Fairclough, registered hypnotherapist, and she does several things on video (some therapies obviously can't be given to strangers online, and she can't do everything for free, or she couldn't live on it). She does some of those.

8:54 There would pretty certainly be people around where I am who are trying to drive me mad by sleep privation. They don't like homeless people getting up into "a position" on their own or above "he's getting help now" either. So, they don't enjoy the prospect of my getting any earnings from my writings.

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