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God Bless Homeschoolers - Even as Voters

The Secret Power of Homeschoolers
VICE News, 12 Oct. 2022

25:15 What you are complaining about is kind of how the Democratic party worked for long.

Tammany Hall, NYC ... Irish and other immigrants in the 19th C. were helped with lots of stuff.

It was basically, apart from the difference of direction and of purpose, to someone settling Midwest what Rivendell was to 13 dwarves and a hobbit in The Hobbit : "the last homely house" - in return, they were expected to vote Democrat. Many did.

The same goes perhaps even more for Irish immigrants and otherwise impoverished in NYC itself.

I don't really mind that, since it ended before Democrats became pro-death, but that type of action is still pretty core to Democrat party power structures, and I do mind you opposing the Tammany Halls of homeschooling, it's the equivalent of how Know-Nothings opposed the original Tammany Hall.

25:47 "homeschooling played a role in the victim's death"

That rhetoric is roughly equivalent to "illegal immigration played a role in the victim's death" (or rape or whatever).

Why is it OK for a doctor to target homeschoolers like that, and not to target immigration like that?

I'm not a fan of targetting immigration like that, but at least the numbers and statistics would make immigration a more logical target than homeschooling.

26:26 Raylee Browning was physically abused by her parents.

However, we deal with a text (looking at the latest version of the text) that targets not just physical abuse, but ...

"a pending child abuse or neglect investigation"

That kind of investigation can involve accusations of mental or social neglect, and that type of accusation can be weaponised against certain homeschoolers.

My mother was stopped in woke, leftist, early 80's Sweden, from homeschooling me, because, if she persisted, social authorities threatened a child neglect procedure and taking me away.

The reason was,
1) me being a Christian, like my mother, against abortion, like my mother, reactionary in general, in fact not "like my mother" except on a less pronounced level in her case, and me being a geek and loner;
2) and homeschooling sheltering me from harrassment from less geeky, less right wing and partly more pro-choice (i e pro-death) students. I "needed" to not be sheltered from a society that was harrassing me from woke fanaticism - and back then, anti-geek celebration of socialisation.

The bill is not formulated so that families with cultural differences have sufficient guarantees against the future possible law being abused.

27:17 "not necessarily what's in the best interest of all the children of West Virginia"

I am allergic against the rhetoric "in the best interest of" a child. Except when a mother and a father discuss calmly what they want their child to have as education.

There is such a thing as in the interest of a child's safety - that's not a "best" interest, but an elementary interest. In the case of Raylee Browning, an elementary interest was left undefended against abusive parents. Rightly so named.

Once a man steps up and says the state needs to protect a child's "best" interest, including against the parents, you are courting the totalitarianism of Sweden, in terms of the CPS. And of Norway.

I was relieved when the Bodnariu children were reunited to their parents, but it is nearly certain that it would not have happened, if the father hadn't been Romanian, and Romanians hadn't mobilised protests against the decision near Norwegian embassies. There was a suspicion of racism, and given Romania had a recently Communist past, a very much more relevant suspicion of Communist type totalitarianism.

Norwegians are less likely to have that suspicion when it's needed. Most stories like the Bodnarius don't have as happy endings.

Shawn Fluharty is Democrat, and born in 1984 - the year of Newspeak ...

27:56 It is oddly appropriate to my bad vibes for Shawn Fluharty that he complains about legislation being passed "for pod schools" - the kind of environment that Ryan Spitz was shown providing in the intro of the video.

34:21 A tip for Tess Jackson.

There was a school, I taught 7 through 9th grades (Swedish and German, two parallel classes for each grade) back in autumn of 95. Most young adults there (and a colleague from back then, who was a regular teacher with a fixed contract shares my distaste for calling teens "children") were, as you said, "left behind" ...

There was a young man, who was so bored with math, that for a rectangular door with a round window hole (calculate surface to paint) he actually multiplied pi with the larger dimensions, those of the door, and I voted to get him less hours in school, and most of the week as an apprentice to a cook. He loved cooking. It's an obviously useful and up there (yes, it's tourist country) lucrative trade. I didn't push him forward by getting more resources for his school (which was for that time also mine), I pushed him forward by helping to opt him out of that school.

And that push forward can be obtained for the young adults you care about as well (is seventh grade starting the year they have their thirteenth birthday in US as well, or not? With first grade at age five, the seventhgraders would still be children).

Finally, I was trying to communicate the comment to Tess Jackson ... when I search her on FB, she's a candidate.

It's kind of less than totally candid, given her campaign was ongoing in September, and your video came out in October, that you didn't mention she was a candidate, only a teacher.

Perhaps I simply missed the memo, but I saw her clip more than just once, for instance to get the name of a "colleague" (though she wasn't teaching then and I'm not teaching now), and I didn't catch you saying she was

Theresa “Tess” Jackson Candidate for WV House of Delegates

and not just a simple teacher. The ones opposed to homeschooling have lobby groups too, you know ... teachers' unions and the Democrat party (which seems to have been pro-public education since KKK helped it in the late 1860's).

I hadn't seen the worst:

No, abortion is anything BUT lifesaving.

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