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By the Way, Putin Seems as Incompetent on Religion as a Swede ... If Not More

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: Putin's Competence in History = Swedish Competence in Religion · By the Way, Putin Seems as Incompetent on Religion as a Swede ... If Not More · New blog on the kid: Father Jason Charron

Putin OPENS UP About GOD with Tucker Carlson?
Bless God Studios | 15 Febr. 2024

1:49 988 in Kievan Rus (a k a by and large mainly Ukraine), Prince Volodymyr was baptised.

True, in Church Slavonic, you pronounce that Vladimir.

The real Russian name is the Ukrainian name. If Putin was ever called Volodya, as I was called Hasse (Hasse = Vanya), the reason for Volodya is, the nickname is based off the real Russian name.

2:06 It took way longer in Rostov, which gave rise to Suzdal + Vladimir + Tver, which all three gave rise to Moscow, to get baptised, than it did for Kyiv. The urban population of where Volodymyr is ruling got baptised by 988.

By contrast:

Paganism persisted in the country for a long time, surfacing during the Upper Volga Uprising and other occasional pagan protests. The northeastern part of the country, centred on Rostov, was particularly hostile to the new religion. Novgorod itself faced a pagan uprising as late as 1071, in which Bishop Fedor faced a real threat to his person; Prince Gleb Sviatoslavich broke up the crowd by chopping a sorcerer in half with an axe.

See what I mean ...

2:26 It is a fact that the Mariavite possible even originally heresy, certainly schism even in the life of the mother founder, could have been avoided if Russia had not shown a very decided disloyalty to Catholicism in Poland. Similarily, Maximilian Kolbe, the Venerable Knight of the Immaculate, was born in the Russian division, but for some reason he went to the Austrian division to become a Franciscan ... was Russia making the noviceship in Catholic orders difficult even decades later after when the Mariavite foundress had to become a "secret informal nun"?

They have equally very effectively blocked most Old Believers from getting episcopal successions from elsewhere, so part are just a "special rite" among Russian Orthodox, part are gone down such drains as using milk instead of wine for communion like services.

2:31 "The main values are very similar" .... ouch ...

Er, not really.

A few years ago, he certainly found it important to crack down on JW and Evangelical Housechurches with different values.

2:51 Always all that sensitive to those who came in?

Cirkassians were Christians when they came under, I think Catherine the Great, but the Russian yoke was so hard it drove them to become Muslims by reaction.

In the 1860, when some Jews (Mitsrahi Jews) were driven from Palestine, the Turkish governor invited Muslims from Algeria (under the French, and some describe that as a yoke) and Cirkassia to come over. If Russians were so nice, why were Cirkassians so willing to leave for Palestine ?

3:29 His version of Islam's traditional values would seem "not too Fundie" ...

Chechens used to be a bit more Fundie than he liked, they asked for more autonomy to rule after Shariah than he liked, it was a very bloody war, the drafting of Russian boys to it was very brutal, there was a cinema in Moscow they gassed, the campain he described as wanting to chase them even into their toilets, and eventually, peace was made.

In Ukraine, Chechens have fought on both sides.

Perhaps his peace deal with Chechens is a reason he prefers attacking a more Christian country than his own, which Ukraine is, over helping another Christian enclave you may know sth about against Azeris ...

4:53 In fact, when Ukraine was actually rather atrocious about Donbass, the first years after 2014, Putin did nothing.

When he moved:
  • Ukraine was more peaceful than ever on the Donbass front
  • but Zelensky did a symbolic move
  • and Putin still had Navalny alive and free, and the pensions problem and other problems of corruption, and the Covid story was petering out as a distraction, especially as he wanted everyone to register only the good news about the vaccine (fetally cultivated virus in each dose, not just to harvest DNA for a spike protein) before they could start to question that.

[4:53 comment seems to have disappeared very quickly!]

5:10 "as for religion in general, it's not about external manifestations"

Doesn't sound Orthodox to me.

Sounds a lot bit more the culture of Orthodox in secret and in discretion, back when he and Kirill as KGB were enforcing that ...

I once asked if Putin is on record to have ever confessed the Resurrection of Jesus outside the specific liturgic manifestation on Easter. An Ortho then told me that was even the most important thing at all, even more important than believing it. But, that is, as one may note, an "external manifestation" ...

"as for religion in general, it's not about external manifestations"

His own words invalidate that excuse from the enquiry.

Since he has spoken so warmly about Christianity as a value system, and not a word about Jesus rising from the dead ... I think it's pretty much about that kind of external manifestation.

5:18 Not a fringe cheap gracer, but very mainstream de-Christianised "Christian" of Northern Europe.

Like the Swedish Lutheran or German Evangelisch or English Anglican who thinks one shouldn't ask too many questions about what someone actually believes doctrinally, as long as they share the Christian value system. You know, ask Taylor Swift ... except I believe his values are partly even less Christian than hers, and they both believe abortion should remain licit.

"Doctrine divides, while service unites"

If you can't outright directly say, "I really don't care about doctrine" you can at least set the mood for it to be acceptable by saying "we don't need to be all that vocal about doctrine, it's whether it's in our heart" ....

6:18 More pragmatic means = more practical solutions over principles that could get into the way, including Christian principles.

Example, the US has less than half the frequency of abortions per 1000 live births compared to Russia prior to Dobbs, and now has Dobbs, that makes the US less Christian and more materialistic, apparently ... or could he be wrong on that one?

7:02 Vivat Tucker!

7:25 So, he's a Determinist.

Ruslan speaks of "laws God set up" ... Putin did not use the last three words here.

7:40 Before Ruslan interrupts, Putin has declared himself a disciple of basically Spengler and perhaps also Ernst Jünger.

But definitely not of St. John on Patmos or of Daniel.

He has a very vested interest in keeping my interpretation of Nimrod as entirely technocratic and pre-idolatry down. To me his views are pretty close to Nimrod's, as I read his character from a technocratic, though technologically impossible, project to get above the stars, to help mankind "get even" with God, by forcing everyone to production, production, production ...