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Is "Prophecy of St. Nilus of Sinai" (no such thing) Used in Thinking About Me?

Trads have long to me documented an ill-will, not against my carnal person, but against my pretence of having some kind of competence to write about what I wrote about. Here is Anthony Stine, whom they DO promote, being definitely INCOMPETENT:

We Were Warned: The Chilling Prophecy Of Satan Deceiving Mankind
Return To Tradition | 23 Febr. 2024

And here am I, exposing it:

0:21 When I look up St. Nilus of Rossano on the wikipedia, I can find nothing related to this prophecy.

St. Nilus of Sinai wrote lots of things. But can the thing you are reading from pretend to be a genuine work of his?

And St. Nilus of Palestine isn't really the one either ...?

While Nilus of Sora, canonised 1903, was so by Muscovite Schismatics.

I think Nilus the Myrrh-streamer is the one you are going for, and while there are miracles, he too was "East of 1054", plus his predictions (the ones you probably read from) seem to have been published in 1912.

I go to a Trad Ortho site* which says:

The Russian translation of the book published on Mt. Athos back in 1912, “The Posthumous Predictions of St. Nilus the Myrrh-streaming,” which has long been famous, contains prophecies by this great ascetic concerning the last days, the world-wide enthronement of the Antichrist, and the tribulations which the world will experience upon the enthronement of the Antichrist. Now we have received the Russian translation of the predictions of this wonderful Athonite recluse which especially pertain to the 20th century. These predictions are truly extraordinary!

0:26 No, the prophecy is not of St. Nilus of Sinai, the Vth C. married priest (first married, then priest).

It's from Nilus the Myrrh-Streamer.

One probable reason for the misattribution is, Trads itch to use it, but have a much stricter distance taking from the community that the Myrrh-Streamer belonged to.

A wiki search is sufficient to refute you.

Unless obviously, instead of quibbling about "notoriously unreliable wiki" you produce more reliable sources, and no, the conversations between Trad Priests when on a retreat, or even having that booklet read to them during dinner, presented as by St. Nilus of Sinai, does not count as "more reliable sources" ... ancient manuscripts would, but I am not holding my breath.

1:17 What you are reading seems unlikely to have been written in the Vth C. but much more likely to have been forged in 1912 on Mount Athos.

Already the fact that someone in the Vth C. thought there would be a year 1900 is unlikely. Often people thought:

  • the world was created 5500 BC and the Second Coming was upcoming for 500 AD
  • the world was created 5200 BC and the Second Coming was upcoming for 800 AD.

However, Mount Athos 1912, you can definitely see where such words back then would be coming from.

1:17 bis / about the picture and the text.

The injunction is very clearly apt for the monastic life. However, if any trad is trying to press home this point to me, how about noting, I am N O T a monastic.

What's being denied me is the means to form a family and live a moderately happy life.**

* The End Times
Holy Transfiguration

** Here I think it is a good point to end the video.

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