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Ukraine's History

Russian Historian Gives Context to Putin's Perspective on Ukraine
Larry Alex Taunton | 9.II.2024

There is one thing to say about the US involvement.

Zelensky seems to have bombed Civilians. Like Herzog / Netanyahu, he's overstepping the rights of a defensive war. However, much less than they are.

US might want to tell both "no more targetting of all or mostly civilians"

Craig Spainhower
"How many civilians has the US killed in the Middle East?

432,093 civilians have died violent deaths as a direct result of the U.S. post-9/11 wars. An estimated 3.6-3.8 million people have died indirectly in post-9/11 war zones, bringing the total death toll to at least 4.5-4.7 million and counting." The Watson Institute at Brown University. Somebody may want to tell the US "no more targeting of all or mostly civillians" We live in a glass house. We do not have the moral highground. Maybe we should get our own house in order and stop interfering in other countries elections.

Hans Georg Lundahl
@wikkadxx Look, part of doing your own home in order actually is asking some pertinent questions about what your allies are doing.

And obviously apply the standards in the future.

Like, no more Dresden bombings.

"432,093 civilians have died violent deaths as a direct result of the U.S. post-9/11 wars."

I'm obviously no fan of US bombing Beograd either. But in the Near East, how many of those are bombings by US air force or attillery, how many are other things?

1:32 As a Swede, we were involved in Ukraine on Mazepa's side, I do not feel a certain previous statement by Putin to be all that correct about Ukraine.

2:35 The Ukrainian reply to this one is easy.

Zelensky is the real Russian, Putin's just a Muscovite, Semi-Tatar, upstart.

Ukrainians often speak about Rus'-Ukraine or Ukrainian Rus'. Not as a prequel, but as an opposite, to Rossiya.

Between the Baptism of St. Volodymyr in 988 and the present, both the Moscow region and the Kyiv region have been occupied at some points in time.

But the Moscow region has been so for far longer by Tatars, a very foreign people who went from Animist to Muslim. Kiyv, but not all of Ukraine, had some of that too, but then more of a Lithuanian occupation (with the non-Tatar parts of Ukraine) which left the people and its priests lots more free to remain themselves in a Christian culture. Even if Gedimynas was a Pagan, (Gidimin or sth like that in Ukrainian) and wanted the Lithuanian heartland to remain Pagan (he slaughtered Franciscans in Vilnius, her sister who was Christian buried them), he just wanted people over in Ukraine to pay the tributes and accept his foreign policy, and his successors soon enough converted. To Catholicism.

Your daughter may have seen a very bad side of Ukraine as it is now, and not much more. I know an emigrant to Sweden, who migrated because his Ukrainian Uniate religion was persecuted in the Soviet Union. Or knew, it's decades since I communicated with him or even his son in law, a married deacon in the Catholic Church.

2:46 It would be very much like United States saying your very first capital was in London, and using that as an excuse to attack Charles III.

Prior to 1776, your very first capital actually was London.

I don't mean
Coordinates: 37°08′10″N 84°05′10″W
I do mean
Coordinates: 51°30′26″N 0°7′39″W

3:06 The Primary Chronicle is Ukraine's oldest native history.

OK, the Novgorod region of now Muscovite Russia too.

3:06 bis, here is the origin of the Muscovite nation:

Vladimir Monomakh, son of the Grand Prince of Vsevolod I, inherited the rights to the principality [Rostov] in 1093. As the Grand Prince of Kiev he appointed his son George I (Yuri Dolgoruky) to rule the northeastern lands and in 1125 moved its capital from Rostov to Suzdal, after which the Principality was referred to as Rostov-Suzdal.

The Muscovite Grand Duchy begins when Suzdal, Tver and Vladimir coalesce while throwing off, very late, the Tatar yoke.

Fun fact, since these principalities existed separately, there are only two Vladimir to have ruled from the Moscow region : Lenin and Putin. As secular rulers, that is.

We would call them Vladimir I and Vladimir II in Roman numerals, but Byzantine Russians would use Greek numerals Vladimir A and Vladimir B.


3:53 "there have been people sent to Siberia for claiming the Norman Theory is true"

Yes, and in Sandormokh, there is a historian sent to prison over a fake charge of child pornography, for saying the Red Army did the massacre of Sandormokh, rather than blaming the Finnish occupation.

Whether Putin withdraws one reason to consider truth sayers as earning a ticket to captivity, or not, he is not giving up the overall tactic, which is arguably a heritage from the Tatars.

4:16 What exactly is his claim to Eastern Ukraine?

Everything that was under the Tatars? Or just every place where Russian speakers are in majority over Ukrainean and Crimean Tatar speakers?

The latter is obviously inconsistent with bringing up Kyiv as the so to speak "cradle of Russia" ...

In years prior to 1806, Berlin as part of Germany had its capital in Vienna and Frankfurt, the latter at coronations, the former more every day.

There was a guy who ruled from a Berlin no longer depending on Vienna, during 1933 through early 1945. He somehow thought appropriate that Vienna should be ruled from Berlin.

4:30 The US provoked this war with Russia.

Possible. The Bible says the King of the South provokes the King of the North at some point.

Have you heard of William Tapley who considers the US as kingdom of the South? He particularly thought Obama, president 44, as representing 444 = the number of the King of the South.

5:17 "He's not a globalist"

He's being hailed by lots of anti-globalists, so many around the globe, he's basically running an alternative Globalism.

5:30 I am no fan of Biden.

But as a Christian, I would not be all that hurried to see the King of the North successful in a war of conquest.

Wanda Richardson
We don't have to wish or not about 'the King of the North'.....the Bible has spoken that Ezekiel 38/39 war will happen, because God said it!!!!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@user-yy7hg4ph6f / Wanda, In a sense you are right.

Sooner or later the King of the North will indeed answer a provocation by gobbling up the King of the South, as per Daniel, and how that fits in with Ezechiel, sorry, I haven't read it yet. I even suspect Ashkenazi could be Magog and Gaza aggressed Israel, unless you can point to an event that already forecloses that scenario according to the text of Ezechiel.

But God has given us freewill. We have freedom to chose paths that are likelier to hasten the arrival of the Antichrist or are likelier to slow it down. You'd certainly think so when it comes to defending the unborn or the right to not bake wedding cakes in unconformity with Christian belief. Conservative Christians are doing these things in order not to have Antichrist next month rather than next year, or next year rather than five from now.

So, could the same be true of wars? Has the King of the South already provoked the King of the North, and is stepping back now a way of getting the punch even quicker?

Btw, it's possible Tapley was wrong in identifying the President of the US as King of the South, perhaps it's SALMAN of Saudi Arabia, which adds up to 444.

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