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Did Jesus Debate ? (Spoiler alert : yes, at age 12)

My final comment:

In one of the comments, I said:

"you are spreading (if you agree with him) some misinformation on what Jesus did to save us"

on this one, you didn't. Best wishes moving towards Catholicism before your lifetime naturally runs up or you are asked to take a mark!

It's Already Started, They Are Everywhere and They Can't Stand God
Off The Kirb Ministries | 17 Febr. 2024

Notice this woman:

"I think that
you and I are probably believe the same
thing but what you need to do is go out
into the world and live your message and
people will come to Jesus"

Witnessing by life, but not by words, except if asked to by the one one's witnessing to:

  • St. Paul tells Christian wives to do this for unbelieving husbands
  • KGB has put Orthodox, and from them on Lutherans and Anglicans and as of lately Anti-Pope Bergoglio up to pretending or actually incorrectly believing that this is what God wants for all Christians, in all situations.

In fact, I don't think Todd Friel is doing an excellent job, you are spreading (if you agree with him) some misinformation on what Jesus did to save us (I had to clean up under a video of Tovia Singer) and how we are individually saved. But at least, he and you don't have this horrible false shame about actually verbally arguing sth, even if you don't fully live up to it.

4:18 "He didn't debate"
"You are right"

No ... He certainly offered Pharisees more than one debate, by giving the first reply to their first argument.

They had known since He was 12, a debate against Him is a lost cause .... the generation of Gamaliel and Nicodemus admired Him. The generation of Paul were the ones crucifying him, or perhaps more typically, people ten years older than Paul.

We time after time see Pharisees cancelling debates ...

4:40 Yeah, Todd. And how will someone preach, unless he be sent?

The exact verse that swayed my confirmation god-father's confirmation god-father to join the Catholic Church. Todd Friel, Ray Comfort, yourself, Kirb, you are not sent.

My catechesis teacher, the chaplain Wilhelm Imach, Oblate of Mary Immaculate, received his sending the day in 1958 when a bishop layed his hands on his head and ordained him.

That said, I do debate. You do not need to be a preacher to debate, and there are so many:
  • Atheists
  • Protestants
  • Jews
    and very occasionally also
  • some Muslims

eager to preach to me, that I do get debating occasions.

4:55 Todd Friel is not commanded to go anywhere. B u t he has a very valid point that when someone is sent to preach, he is meant to preach "opportune, importune" (a Latin phrase that helps me find the verse it's found in), as St. Paul told St. Tim:

Praedica verbum, insta opportune, importune: argue, obsecra, increpa in omni patientia, et doctrina.
[2 Timothy 4:2]

9:25 Yes, Pints with Aquinas (Matt Fradd) was hosting Dale Ahlquist, and they were having a conversation of Chesterton. There is a clip I just watched about CSL, who, famously, didn't convert to Catholicism. I have been having a few debates about why under that clip. Some Feeneyites take the stance, "it's not enough even if he was moving towards Catholicism, if he didn't enter, it's too late after 22 Nov 1963" and some Protestants were making the argument "he was perfectly right" and then some Neo-Catholics were making the argument, due to his ultra-anti-catholic upbringing in Belfast, he psychologically couldn't, and that exonerates him.

I am sorry, there are some reasons to be worried about his eternal salvation or lack of it.

Some things I could bring about to the Feeneyites, but also some things which are really worrying.

12:18 Time might be running out in another way too.

You know what kind of time runs out c. 3 and a 1/2 years before Christ returns? Yeah, precisely. Don't take the mark!

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