Monday, February 19, 2024

This May Reflect Political Sympathies More than Sober Theological Judgement, One of These Comments

I don't mean the last one.

The Last Beheading in Britain... and Why it Matters to You
Scotland History Tours | 17 Febr. 2024

3:54 To me it sounds like the background to La Commune, but a bit more cynical.

Under Napoleon III it was just that wages were multiplied by 80 % while prices were multiplied by adding 100 %.*

"But we have raised your wages! Look here, it's on this contract from 1860 compared to this one from 1850! You're being unreasonable, that's all!"

The bad thing about it is, it was hijacked by Socialists like Auguste Blanqui who added hatred to the Church to this kind of grievance. He persuaded guys it was an excellent idea to take Monsignor Darboy (Archbp of Paris) as hostage with the plan to kill him if the government didn't comply.

Thiers was a Deist, so Darboy was worthless as a hostage, but his death was invaluable propaganda fodder for him, so he could be even more bloody in the repression, and still look like a hero -- much like October 7 2023 does for the IDF.

10:51 I wonder if you have counted beheadings across the Irish Sea?

Either way ... 8 Sept is the Birthday of Our Lady.

It can be hoped** She had their souls enter heaven without Catholic last sacraments as a gift, it can be feared She'll identify the power that killed those as a lion power mentioned in Daniel and Revelation.

12:26 There is one huge reason why the workers and peasants and other not so powerful of the West are losing rights.

Remember the murder of Darboy? Well, the English movement for rights had its infiltrators too. Once abortion and contraception were allowed, marriages were delayed, indigenous population was plummetting sooner or later.

On some fronts immigrants are a relief, but on the front of fighting for rights, very usually they aren't. The 50th anniversary of May 68 in Nanterre saw no "encore" successful as back then. Lots of immigrants among both students and security guards made the idea much less popular.

12:51 Pre-crime has been here for a long time, since psychiatry replaced punishments.

Now it's for non-delinquents too.

* My memory is undecided, it could also be prices going up by 5 and wages by 4, anyway a 20 % gap down in buying power. I learned this during the first confinement.
** Here's where I'd appreciate some better theological judgement than mine.

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