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I Did Not Evade Swedish Prison, Nor Get an Unusually Early Release, and Trent Horn is just not as Catholic as I (First Half on a Video by Allie Beth Stuckey)

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: I Did Not Evade Swedish Prison, Nor Get an Unusually Early Release, and Trent Horn is just not as Catholic as I (First Half on a Video by Allie Beth Stuckey) · New blog on the kid: Quoting Allie Beth Stuckey

“Our Rights Come From God” Is Apparently Christian Nationalism | Ep 958
Allie Beth Stuckey | 28 Febr. 2024

2:37 bis, in case you wonder, I was recently corrected by Father Fulcran Vigouroux on Biblical inspiration. Note, I disagree on how he applied this, he was a day ager and believed in a huge regional, but not global Flood (he knows better now, he died in 1915), but he corrected me on the nature of Biblical inspiration.

I had thought that God worked with Hagiographers basically as with Popes.
  • the man decides to write on a topic or to pronounce judgement on a topic
  • God protects the Pope from doctrinal and moral error, but the Hagiographer from any even just factual error.

Uh, uh ...
  • God decides that the Hagiographer writes
  • God decides what he brings into his book (one of the 73 of the Bible)
  • God either directly decides or at least protects the wording of each truth.

And this does not preclude human initiatives, it says that any human initiative was totally subordinate to God's intention. But any way, there is a definite divine plan for Genesis bringing up this and not that about pre-Abrahamic ages. Or for Jesus filling in about them. Some evils seem to be very obvious to us that live now, "oh, that's how the impious men were harrassing Noah, up to when he started building the Ark" or "this has to have been Nimrod's tactic of tyranny, and it's leaving traces even to the Andes" ... but if they had been stated directly, the Bible would have needed Stephen King as hagiographer, and the ambitious tyrants of centuries past would have had a source for evil creativity.

Unfortunately, this kind of inspiration as making God the literal (though not exclusive) author of a book is not what some guys considering themselves as "Catholic" learn in the RCIA class. Best wishes for Trent Horn working out his salvation, but as a Catholic Apologist he is deeply flawed. And note, I and Fulcran Vigouroux have just been fleshing out a definition from Aeterni Patris or Pastor Aeternus ... a council Trent Horn professess to believe in.

17:21 This happened before Jesus had opened the Pearly Gates.

The soul of Lazarus (and of Abraham too) was detained in the netherworld for the sin of Adam.

But there is more to it, death came through sin. Jesus hates death, and will destroy it as the last enemy. A compound of body and soul had been ripped asunder.

Vicarious atonement is not correct about salvation, but it is spot on about resurrection. Death got one victim, of infinite worth, Who had not sinned. Death obviously had to give back within three days, and will also hand back the other guys on the last judgement.

B u t, temporarily, death lost Lazarus too. Jesus had him back on the feet. "In no time" would be exaggerated, it obviously took time to roll away the stone.

17:36 If you ever do an interview with Trent Horn, or Jimmy Akin, ask them about how they feel about human death.

  • Before Adam sinned?
  • Was there no single Adam?
  • Was immortality an option given a pre-existent mankind through Adam as representative, and he missed it?
  • Was Genesis 3 as far back as William Lane Craig says, and if so, how did Moses know about it?

Quiz them. They may be Catholic souls, but as to their Apologetics, they are not fully Catholic.

18:09 Whether you consider I committed a crime in 1998 or not, it was preventable.

If police had not sided, systematically, with shrinks, and ignored, as systematically, my pleas to get my freedoms back, I would not have shot one in the hip with his own pistol.

26 years later, people are still provoking me to prove a point I'm a dangerous criminal who needs supervision 24 / 24, 365 / 365, the rest of my life, even if I was only sentenced to 3 and a half years, and came out perfectly legally in 2000, and have never been sentenced since.

19:34 Speaking of productive citizens ... I have 11 000 + blog posts, most of which boil down to forms that are immediately marketable, i e poems, sheet music, recipes, but above all essays and dialogues (the latter to be marketed would need the other participants to be OK, but that's not all of my posts). My output on a typical day, when there are no textile or social issues that take precedence over writing, varies between 2000 and 4000 words.

I have a Swedish passport, and both Sweden and France are in the Schengen space, so I am by no means an illegal immigrant in France.

Some of the guys on your side (yes, it exists here) seem hellbent on treating me as an illegal immigrant and on top of that a lazy slob who would need to be treated for years if not life as an invalid before getting back to a work force consisting of normal employment.

Such guys are actually pushing for a repeat of 5.II.1998.

20:00 Speaking of "mooch", whenever I do panhandle, I nearly always have a cardboard with a URL, so I'm offering reading. When not, I try to make a cardboard with a URL while seated.

As Parisians and Paris dwellers are typically not fluent in German or Swedish, and myself I am not really all that fluent in Spanish, the URL's I offer are in French or English, or bilingual in both.

Swedish is on a separate blog. German is on a separate blog. Spanish is on a separate blog.

I have people considering me as a moocher and trying very hard to pretend I am, coming to me and complaining that a URL does not legibly spell out "I'm hungry" or "give me work" or "some cash, please" ... what I'm offering is not my necessity, it's my writing. And it's usually not about my necessity, and I'd love for even less of it to be about my necessity. B U T, I have enemies who disagree with that.

Thanks for teaching me a new word, by the way!

23:59 One can be in a real refugee situation and not able to go through the legal process.

I try to avoid Sweden. What happened in 1998 was the fullblown confrontation of a talking past each other which I had been involved in with Swedish society since I was basically 12--14.

I know Sweden is not good for me. But none of the measures can be pinpointed to a specific official persecuting me for my Catholic faith or for my will to get married with a younger girl. It's just that they are very out of tune with Swedish society. Even if the next Swedish official on a hypothetic return were fully supportive, it's a question of time before the next attempt to change my mind, and therefore before the next violent confrontation.

I really and truly did go to a Catholic country with a refugee motivation. But I have no means to prove it, and so I am happy to be legally residing here anyway.

Proving it to France, to French officials, who are also not the best friends of Catholic family values, would be like for a Jew in 1938 going from Austria to Mussolini or Horthy to prove he risked persecution after the Anschluss. They were part of the Anti-Comintern pact, and as such they were not demonising each other.

24:42 It can be noted, I have not looked for French welfare either.

Part time I had CMU, "couverture médicale universelle" due to panhandling not giving me sufficient to pay for a hospital visit. Or a dentist one.

Then I started to see doctors presuming off my situation to present me as an ignorant person. When asked to fill in the issue why I did not already have CMU (after I had not had it for a while), they filled in for me, "méconnaissance des droits" = "ignorance of my rights" ... which was not exactly true, and which I did not exactly want to subscribe under.

This way, I have by honesty and dignity been barred from re-applying for it.

25:25 I think you have a point about obesity.

But I don't think it's a point against Ibarra. If he gets prison, he may be saving his life from obesity and diabetes imposed by people told by the "most responsible ones" that a man in the street should not be given money, he should be given food so he can't spend any on drugs and alcohol.

I need to consume lots of coffee and more alcohol than before (though far from drunkenness) in order to pee out extra calories, because of the people who take that attitude.

Sorry, I don't think he's a saint, but on that level, he is kind of a victim. Not on all levels, but on that one.

The alternatives are not either everyone in the street is taken into custody, as Trump dreams of doing, or the anarchy demoralises the ones in the street so much they overeat out of depression. No. Some people really and truly are pushing people on the street to overeat. Give food. Make it a hard negotiation to say "no thanks". Add irritations. If someone has food at hand, even if it's not very healthy, and has just undergone some stress, he definitely will at least 1 time out of 2, perhaps 1 time out of 10, consent to eat food he would otherwise not have eaten and did not really need.

25:38, no, a man on the street who's getting fat is not "taking the resources" he's taking what some people give him, while actually barring him from healthier resources.

25:44 A man on the street who gets fat is not taking the spoils, he's taking the crumbs.

He's not pillaging, he's pillaged. I literally was that, I need to change sleeping bag often, to clean each of the possibly still extant lice, and I just found out this morning one of the sleeping bags was stolen. But even when that doesn't happen, a man on the street can get pillaged of sleep and of time.

And yes, sleep privation is a way of pushing someone to overeating. EVERY hour lost sleep can be short term compensated by calories. Some people genuinely like to bully the homeless by sleep privations, the German language has a derogatory term for them, "Penner" = sleepyhead. Some people seem to believe the problem of homeless people is, they get too much sleep, they get used to being lazy. No, the homeless get too little sleep, get irritable, and unconcentrated.

Next guy who dislikes my writing is too likely to actually pretend my lack of concentration is due to overconsumption of internet, well, blocking me from the internet is blocking me from writing, and blocking me from sleep is making sure I have less concentration.

27:42 About ten years ago, or some more, when I was new in Paris, there was a debate about Putin and generally Eastern Europe doing the same, sending lowlife to, for instance, France.

I was obviously targetted, while Sweden is not one of those countries, and one of the lines was putting doubt on my being really a Swede.

29:21 Just noting, I have some Swedish pride, I will for instance defend Swedish positions about Ukraine and about Putin.

I will defend the right to wear breeches, both as folk costume and as reenactment (sewed things to keep the knitted sashes I tie them in better to the pant leg below the knee), that's not big in Paris, though not unknown in France.

But I really and truly believe French Right Wing Catholicism as per 1990 was a saner thing than Lutheran Conservatism the same year. I really do take pride in being in France, rather than for instance Sweden or England.

32:04 Unfortunately, in the Progressive Era, the US was producing a lot of negation of the image of God, a lot of prejudice.

A Heterosexual May December? Stamping that as paedophilia and therefore wrong, well, Progressive Era US, and state on state implementing the 18 / 18 rule for marriage, or even 21. That was just decades before Kinsey Report and Roe.

Stating certain people are improductive and should be sterilised? Wendell Holmes was ahead of both Hitler and our own Per Albin Hansson.

If you want a uniquely Christian country, well, a few decades ago, Spain was a better example than the US. I think there was a good reason why the Kelly family went from the US to Spain. And ancient border states along the now Mexican border, formerly having a border to the North instead of to the South, are generally better than New England. Or Dixie apart from Florida / Texas.

34:00 I think there are lots of Western and White countries, which are in the same position as the US.

I discovered you back when it was about Kyle Rittenhouse, I think, and some immigrants in Paris, many of whom are well integrated, were not happy with my sharing your story and some others on Rittenhouse.

In the US, some are attacking you because parts of the country had a slave owning past. In Europe, the schtick is, some countries had a more recent Fascist past. I don't think that's a thing to be ashamed for for all Fascisms (except those that imitated Wendell Holmes), but even if the Fascism was in any way shameful, that's not a reason to deny each country its honour and dignity decades later.

34:13 In the time of Nimrod, God not just gave us "the idea of" languages, He gave us languages.

The first 400 years after the Flood (or 530 for those using a full LXX chronology, or 100 for those using Masoretic chronology), everyone spoke the same language as Noah and his family had spoken on the Ark. After some time of compelled working on a hair brained object, like rocketry for a useless purpose and 4500 years before we had sufficient technology, or if some prefer, a skyscraper for the same purpose, drafting people around the globe, I would say to Göbekli Tepe, God released that compelled work force.

It's work compulsion has not been equalled until 19th C. Capitalism, if even then.

The means of doing so was imposing languages in a world without [insert your favourite language learning facility], so international cooperation suddenly became impossible.

34:31 How much of the disorder for the area was about making 70's style hippie existence impossible by "responsible people" making up for the lack of homeless being rounded up and put into "facilities" (for their bullies)?

To what degree was the victim involved in this?

37:56 How much is a ticket on a GreyHound bus? Are there cheaper ones?

Does one need a helping hand from an NGO to buy such a ticket?

40:07 As you just mentioned, Ibarra was not originally in Athens. He was some other place.

Do you think every illegal immigrant in Athens is the kind of type that the people who know them would want to suffer for what a stranger did?

How do we know that this was not arranged by some right winger who wanted disturbance of the good cheer between volunteers and illegals already in that place?

I think there is more than one who has wanted to disturb my existence as a homeless man, by bringing on other homeless.

As he was new to Athens, he can not have been long term targetted by Laken Riley in the way I just suggested, thanks for exonerating her. But what's not exonerated is people disapproving of her and other peoples' generosity and deliberately asking for someone to be brought along from somewhere else, who might disturb the idyll. You know, people who hated Woodstock took at secret glee in Altamont and the death of Meredith Hunter.

42:55 If you think enforcing borders could have saved Mollie Tibbetts, sorry, you are deluded, unless you want a Berlin wall.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera, aged 24 at the time of the crime, lived and worked in the rural Poweshiek County area where Tibbetts vanished.[22][23] Originally from El Guayabillo, Guerrero, Mexico,[24] he arrived illegally in the United States at age 17 and had lived in the area for several years.[25] He had worked at another farm before coming to Yarrabee Farms near Brooklyn, Iowa, in August 2014.[25] Rivera self-identified and received his paychecks under the name John Budd.[26][27]

So, he was a hardworking man, he had a US identity, though it was a fake one, he had picked her up in a car he had been able to buy, he was everything you ask from an immigrant, except having his papers in order. He was productive. He had had paychecks and probably paid taxes for 7 years. To imagine ICE would have deported him is like asking them to employ mediums to track illegal immigrants they can't get at by normal human means.

Here is Mollie Tibbetts' father.

Tibbetts's father said, "The Hispanic community are Iowans. They have the same values as Iowans. As far as I'm concerned, they're Iowans with better food".

On July 1, 2015, 32-year-old Kathryn "Kate" Steinle was shot and killed while walking with her father and a friend along Pier 14 in the Embarcadero district of San Francisco. She was hit in the back by a single bullet. The man who fired the gun, José Inez García Zárate, said he had found it moments before, wrapped in cloth beneath a bench on which he was sitting, and that when he picked it up the weapon went off. The shot ricocheted off the concrete deck of the pier and struck the victim, who was about 90 feet (27m) away.[1] Steinle died two hours later in a hospital as a result of her injuries.

He had never been in jail for violent crime.

The gun was unsecured when it disappeared from the owner.

Members of Steinle's family did not want her to be in the middle of a political controversy, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. "I don’t know who coined 'Kate’s Law,'" Kate's father Jim Steinle told the paper. "It certainly wasn't us."[86]

Given his absolutely horrid approach to gun security, a crack down (pun intended!) on heroin dealers might be mor fruitful than one on illegal immigrants.

43:47 While "the great replacement" is preferrable to "the great aging" ... it's main way to get avoided is actually starting to make babies.

Like, Dobbs was an excellent move, how about getting rid of contraceptives as well?

Meanwhile, José Ibarra was arguably not an angel, considering his record in NYC, but what he had done was not sufficient to put him in prison. Someone stressed him out about ICE, while NYC was back in 2023 still a sanctuary city. However, his act seems to have changed the mind of the mayor.