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How Traditional Are Those Trads? As Per Christ and the Americas, Not Very

Reviewing my Trad Catholic School Books: "Christ and the Americas", Ch 1 (Middle School History)
Kevin Nontradicath | 26 Febr. 2024

2:07 It's off. The supposed Trad pretends the Agricultural Revolution (Agricultural Post-Flood Recovery) happened in 9000 BC.

Nope. According to my latest tables, 9000 BC in carbon dates (and yes, those dates are usually carbon) translates as 2590 BC, 17 years after Noah died, 17 years into Babel, a k a Göbekli Tepe.

Christ and the Americas is written by a Semi-Trad!

3:30 The guys who sacrificed children to "God" sacrificed them to the Devil. That's as little "God" as New Age "Jesus" is Jesus.

It was part of a Jewish apostasy.

5:44 Yeah, the sources are so detailed from all of these centuries that such an omission is very conspicuous, right ...?

Let's take as an example the Old Irish* original for Be Thou My Vision:

The original Old Irish text, "Rop tú mo Baile", is often attributed to Saint Dallán Forgaill in the 6th century.[4] However, scholars believe it was written later than that. Some date it to the 8th century;[5] others put it as late as the 10th or 11th century.[6] A 14th-century manuscript attributed to Adhamh Ó Cianáin contains a handwritten copy of the poem in Middle Irish, and is held at the National Library of Ireland.[7] A second manuscript is at the Royal Irish Academy, dating from about the 10th or 11th century.

7:47 "bloodthirsty and primitive"

I can hardly balk at "bloodthirsty" about Azteks, but what's "primitive" about that?

The book was written by someone connected to the Knights of Columbus, who was on top of that misusing the word "primitive" ... unless the meaning is, this is the "primitive" result of Babel, which I would grant after reading up on Göbekli Tepe.

8:13 The two don't exclude each other.

The Red Army is both blessed by survivors from Auschwitz and cursed by people seing it approach Budapest, Vienna and Berlin.

9:02 Public schools are centres of indoctrination for Heliocentrism, Big Bang, Deep Time (which the author of that book was not combatting), Evolution, Materialism, denial of Freewill ...

I've been to some. I have also seen how my affairs went, when I refused to get indoctrinated.

The school was run by FSSP? Not FSSPX, but FSSP?

10:42 I think that you have just revealed that YEC material is not a "Trad" "Catholic" approved source ...?

I mean, fertile crescent carbon dated to 9000 BC, no indication this was a post-Flood recovery, and also no indication there is something at least off with the carbon date ...

Too bad. I took tradition seriously, without having an actual chance to simply "integrate in the club" and on one occasion this led to me reading St. Augustine, City of God.

The timeline from Adam to Abraham, well, it has some fluidity between LXX and Hebrew versions of the chronology (Genesis 5 and 11), but no patience at all with the even hint that the chronology, whichever version was the true text, was somehow not meant to be taken literally.

Do you think there are "Trads" of that type who** stamp me as "Protestant" for literally agreeing with a Church Father (outside some people's absolute favourite quote mine from him, "it sometimes happens that those outside the faith consider themselves as knowing sth about X, Y, Z from reason and experience, and ...").

As for your final remark, I sometimes ask myself how people brought up believing:
  • a) Adam was created specially by God, we all descend from him, at least vaguely implied Genesis 3 is known to Moses by transmission from Adam
  • b) a total refusal to consider evidence making this credible, i e that of Young Earth Creationism, as appropriate reading
which seems to be the rationale behind the boycott I have suffered, will fare.

I think some will grow up learning to not ask questions.

And some will grow up, ask questions, and exclusively fall on evidence that's coming from the wrong way ...

** I have time and again tried ask them, and time and again been met with evasiveness ...

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