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He Began with "If you Enjoy this Programme" ...

This is How To Respond to Christian Missionaries - Rabbi Tovia Singer
Tovia Singer | 16 Febr. 2024

0:02 No. I do not.

But as I care about Christian Missionaries, even of the wrong confession, I think I want to hear what you have in store for them.

0:15 Can you pronounce the words correctly, even?

I looked up the transscript.

why is Jesus bringing a sin offering in
[z]eel 45:2 through 22 why would Jesus be
bringing a sin offering on behalf of his
own unintentional sins he's not solving
the problem

Are you aware of it?

if you wish you're welcome
to give me a breathalyzer test any
anything you want to give me so that
you're comfortable that you understand
and the cup actually gave me the
test all right

cup = cop

Perhaps you were exhaused or sth?

0:25 What exact Christian is claiming that Jesus is giving a sinoffering on behalf of his own unintentional sins?

2:02 I found no total clue in the Haydock comment to chapter 45, but for 46:2 ...

Ver. 2. Prince. After the captivity, although the race of David continued in Salathiel, Zorobabel, &c., yet they had not the state of kings. Hence Christians, R. David and other Jews, understand this of the Messias and the rites of his Church, with a literal allusion to the old law. (Worthington)

So, we are not sure if it refers to laws (possibly never observed) by princes like Zorobabel or Judas Maccabaeus, or if it refers to the ritual actions of Catholic priests.

Now, Catholic priests when offering Mass actually do offer for their own sins as well as for those of others. For mortal sins, they need to go to confession, but venial sins, that means both unintentional and unimportant ones, are immediately forgiven if they do this sacrifice devoutly.

3:48 If your "holy brother" could reach out to that Christian, I'd say he was a bit ill prepared ... if he'll take it from a Catholic.

Jesus is sinless. But the Catholic priest who represents Him in Mass is not sinless.

Hebrews 10 lines out how Jesus is the end of all the oblations of the Old Covenant. It doesn't say He has ended all sacrifice from present action on earth after His Cross, the sacrifice of the Mass is explicitly defined as the same sacrifice in unbloody form. In Hebrews 13:10 it says:

Habemus altare, de quo edere non habent potestatem, qui tabernaculo deserviunt
We have an altar, whereof they have no power to eat who serve the tabernacle

6:59 You don't drink?

Not one cup red wine on Sabbath dinner, not one cup red wine on Seder?

Are you even a Jew?

I'm a Christian, but as a child I had some Jews and some Christians with Jewish background close enough to know a thing or too ..
I actually changed my mind ...

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