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What Does a Question Like "is it considered real or just a myth" even mean?

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: What Does a Question Like "is it considered real or just a myth" even mean? · New blog on the kid: I Find it Worrying When Questions are Formulated as "Is X Considered Y" ...

I mean: with every myth, the believers of the religion consider it as true event or true concept. And non-believers may not consider it so.

Can you describe the concept of Valhalla in Norse mythology? Is it considered a real place or just a myth?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I know more than one Latin and Germanic language.
Odin (the guy who came to Swedes or Swabians presenting himself as one of three creator gods come down to rule among them) was arguably a Near Eastern, I’d even venture an Israelite (my candidate is, he was the Yeshu the Talmud considers as wayward disciple of a rabbi).

He was a flat earther, he considered earth as the middle platform of three platforms in a very giant tree, Yggdrasil:

Now, the thing is, the lowest and broadest platform was home of giants on the sunlit edges, and to the dead where earth locked out sunlight. But the highest and narrowest of the platforms was Asgard, home of the gods.

The flat earth thing, any non-Biblical and some interpretations of the Biblical cosmology in the region would have favoured this. But on top of that, he was also interested in apocalyptic things, like the book of Daniel, so part of his vision was that one of the houses with big halls up in Asgard would have been … Valhalla. Hall of the fallen.

The Einherjar are supposed to fight on the side of the gods in the ultimate battle. Meanwhile, they enjoy themselves immensely (in a Hells Angels typ of fashion), as they eat a pig each night that’s resurrected each morning, and as they kill each other during the day, but the killed ones resurrect each night. They are obviously not all of the dead, confer what I said about Hel, the middle part of the lowest platform, most simply go down to miserable boredom or, if egregious sinners, torture. No, they are cherry-picked for being the bravest and strongest warriors. They are cherry-picked by Valkyries, chosers of the losers, sorry, of the fallen. Falling in battle was obviously considered as winning a jackpot, like in a guarantee of having fun until the world ends.

Those who believed this religion obviously considered Valhalla a real place, as certainly as believing Christians consider Heaven a real place. The difference is, one doen’t have to be a Heliocentric believer in a 13 to 46 billion light years from centre to periphery cosmos to deny Yggdrasil and therefore also Valhalla. I don’t know how new members of Odinism these days handle this.

Do you consider the cavalry in Apocalypse 19 as "Christian Einherjar"?

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